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PTA Mini-Grant Program


The PTA mini-grant program is designed to be a flexible source of PTA funding for Jefferson teachers and staff to sponsor creative programs in which Jefferson students may participate.  In keeping with the funding goals of the PTA, these programs may be educational, artistic or social programs to benefit either large or small groups of students.

Grants may be submitted at any time during the school year.  The PTA has a permanent agenda item at every meeting to consider and approve applications that come forward.   Jefferson’s Principal receives the grant applications from the teachers, and forward grants requests not already covered by APS funding to the PTA for consideration.

The Mini-Grant Process:

  • Teacher or staff member has an idea for a program, club, or celebration in which Jefferson students may benefit and participate.
  • Teacher or staff member completes the PTA Mini-Grant Application Form (available under PTA Forms tab).
  • Teacher or staff member submits the application to the Jefferson Principal.
  • The Principal reviews the application to see whether or not there are already APS funds allocated to the school to pay for the program or idea.  If so, she allocates the money required to implement the program from the APS budget funding.
  • If no APS funds are available, the Principal presents the application(s) to the PTA Executive Board (at a PTA executive committee meeting or via email).
  • The PTA President makes sure the item(s) is (are) included on the agenda for the following PTA meeting.
  • During the next PTA meeting, the Principal presents the applications(s) to the membership.  The members ask questions and vote on whether or not to fund the request(s).
  • If the PTA membership votes to fund the application, the PTA Treasurer provides the Jefferson School Treasurer, with a check to fund the program.  The Treasurer creates sub-accounts for each mini-grant in the APS accounting system, and deposits the funds into the appropriate accounts.  The sponsoring teacher or staff member is reimbursed using these funds, following APS accounting and audit procedures.
  • After the program has commenced or completed, the teacher or staff sponsor is encouraged to report back to the PTA on the program’s success.
  • Mini-Grants are voted on at all PTA Meetings with the exception of the June meeting each year.