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School Supply List

Items to bring to school at the start of the year (for your use):

  • 1 Backpack or book bag
  • 1.5” to 2” ring binder
  • Durable pocket folder, 3 hole-punched (to place homework to do and completed)
  • 7 Durable subject dividers
  • 1 Large pencil pouch for three-ring binder packed with:
    • box of pencils
    • a ball point pen
    • small sharpener that holds shavings
    • good quality eraser
    • 2 highlighters (any color)
    • 3 glue sticks
    • headphones/earbuds

Item to leave with your TA teacher at the start of the year for use by the Team:

1 Box of tissues (family size, any brand)

Please Note: Some additional items may be required when students are given their permanent schedules. Individual teachers will make requests for supplies and allow additional time for purchase.

Calculators will be available for purchase for $8.00 from the math department during TA.

 For extra help or support in math over the summer, please check out this link to the summer math packets.