Welcome to TAB!!

TAB stands for “Teens and Books” or “Teen Advisory Board.”

TAB with Sara Lewis Holmes
TAB members attend All-TAB meeting and author visit with Sara Lewis Holmes, author of Operation Yes.

We are a book discussion club, co-sponsored by Arlington’s middle school and public librarians.


TAB meets during lunch every other week to discuss what we’ve read. TAB members get the chance to read brand new books that are supposed to be the best books written in the last year for young adults and give thumbs up or down on the selections. At the end of the year, TAB members vote for their favorites. Lists of each middle school’s favorites are available at each school and at the public libraries and are marked with a gold star in the Young Adult areas of each Arlington Public Library.

TAB Club Sponsors: Ms. Loverich from Central Library, Ms. Wall, and Ms. Miller 

TABfieldtripWe are always looking for members who like to read, and enjoy talking about what they are reading in a group. The only requirements are that you try to read and review at least one book a month, and attend the meetings on a regular basis.
This year we are looking forward to seeing some movies that have been made from some our favorite young adult novels.

Find out more about TAB by visiting the Arlington Public Library TAB page. There are recommendations of favorite TAB books from all the TABs in Arlington.

Contact Ms. Wall or Ms. Miller if you are interested–we begin in late September and go through May. We meet every other Wednesday during each of the lunches. Membership is open all year.


Great Resources to Help You Find Your Next Book