Arlington PRCR After-School Teens Program Registration

TJMS students are able to go to the attached rec center and participate in the Office for Teens after school program.  Those students participating in this program are able to take the late buses home.  Beginning on Monday 9/12, all students will be required to have a pass from the Office for Teens to board the late buses.  In order to get a bus pass students will need to sign into the rec by 2:45 PM after school.  Students can sign into the rec anytime after 2:45 PM as long as they have a pass from a teacher or other school staff member indicating they were supervised.  Jefferson students must stay under the supervision of the Office for Teens staff until 4:10 PM when they will be brought to the cafeteria.  Students who do not stay in the teen program and have an appropriate pass will not be permitted to board late buses to get home.  Those who wish to participate in the program must sign up online through the PRCR website.  Follow this link, type 720423 into the field that says “Search for Activity” and choose “Thomas Jefferson.”