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About Kip Malinosky – IB Middle Years Programme Coordinator

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Hi everyone, I am Kip Malinosky the International Baccalaureate Middle Years Programme (IB MYP) Coordinator at Thomas Jefferson Middle School. This is my fifth year as the IB MYP Coordinator at Jefferson. It is my honor to help us deliver on our mission to “understand and improve ourselves, our futures, and our world.” We do this by ensuring our academic integrity, assessment, inclusion, and language policies are aligned with IB standards and practices. We ensure our curriculum is mapped with subject overviews include objectives, international-mindedness and at least once a year authentic service-learning opportunities. We ensure every unit includes elements of inquiry, action, and reflection. In 8th grade all students complete a Community Project throughout the year that includes investigating, planning, taking action, and reflection. Last 83 percent of 8th graders completed it, this year we aspire to 100 percent of students completing challenging community projects. My role is to ensure all these actions unfold in a meaningful way for our students and staff.

Before coming to Jefferson, I taught Civics and Economics in Fairfax County for 14 years at Glasgow Middle School, an IB MYP school. In 2013, I got officially trained as an IB Educator Network certified to lead MYP Workshops, School Authorizations, and School Evaluation. I usually evaluate 2-3 schools a year for the MYP in which I get the opportunity to see how IB schools around the world are carrying out the mission to educate for a better world. In 2023 I was elected to the board of the IB Mid-Atlantic Association as the Vice-President leading the Middle Years Programme.

I am excited to work with all students promoting inquiry, action and reflection and making our service-learning opportunities come alive. Finally, along with Mr. Siegel and Ms. Holland-Shuford, I co-sponsor the Student Council Association in which we invite students to help us come up with ideas for meaningful activities for students and staff.