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Registration Information

Registration Hours

8:00 AM – 3:30 PM, Monday – Friday. Please call 703-228-5908 or email our Registrar at ana.mejia@apsva.us to schedule an appointment.

APS Registration Information

For general Arlington Public Schools registration information including all the necessary paperwork, in English and Spanish, please go to the APS Registration Page.

Language Services

Please contact the Language Services Registration Center if your child is coming from an international school or primarily speaks another language.

Transfer Information

Please contact the Welcome Center for information on how to submit a transfer application for Thomas Jefferson if you are an Arlington County resident and live outside of the Thomas Jefferson boundaries. Office: 703-228-8000Email: schooloptions@apsva.us

Please Contact The Registrar For Additional Information:

Ana Mejia Office: 703-228-5908F ax: 703-228-2244ana.mejia@apsva.us