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IB MYP Community Project

Service Learning and the Community Project 

Service learning is an expectation for all Jefferson students. This includes community service directly tied to classroom subjects and activities in TA. Of course, students are also encouraged to complete independent service as well. The Community Project could be connected to our UN Global Sustainable Goals and/or our local service organizations.

In 8th grade (MYP Year 3), all students are expected to complete a Community Project to finish the IB Program. Students may work independently or in groups of up to three students. The purpose of the project is for students to be in charge of their learning and to address community needs. Much of the work for this project will be completed during TA. The total time beyond school throughout the year around 15 hours. The Community Project will not be for a specific subject grade, but it will be assessed and supported by World Geography. The grade will be shared with students and parents. The Community Project has four phases and the deadlines for each phase are as follows:

  • Investigating – Choose goal to address community need by the end of October.
  • Planning – Create a plan for a action by the end of December.
  • Taking action – Service hours completed by the end of March.
  • Presenting/Reflecting – Presentation on the project in June.

More details and examples are here: The Community Project Explained Video here or view the presentation

The Community Project Explained 

Service Learning Explained

PTA Community Project and Service Learning