Community Project Lessons

The Community Project is an opportunity for students to be in charge of their own learning by choosing a community they want to help. It is an important activity to that students can hopefully have fun with and help others. Students will work through four phases of their Community Project Investigating, Planning, Taking Action, and Reflecting. Lessons to helps students are posted below.

myp-model-en Introduction Lessons
1 – What is the Community Project
2 – Choosing a Community to Help
Investigating Lessons
3 – Learning about the Community
4 – Learning about the Problems
5 – Learning about the Solutions
Global Community Planning Lessons
6 – Preparing Your Presentation
7 – Dates and Times of Actions
Taking Action Lessons
8 – Creating the Presentation
9 – Updating Your Presentation
Reflecting Lessons
10 – Creating a Bibliography
11 – Finalizing my Presentation
12 – Community Project Video Submission