Personalized Learning Initiative Updates

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September 2019

September 19 -Grade 6 iPads will be deployed to all students who have signed and returned the APS Acceptable Use Policy on September 20.  If students have any iPad related questions, they should ask their TA teachers for help.

Grade 6 student passwords will be reset Friday, September 13.  TA teachers will inform students of these new passwords Monday, September 14.  Jefferson is currently waiting on the arrival of 30 iPads.  Once these devices arrive, all grade six students will receive them on the same day.  Parents will be updated with new information as soon as it becomes available.  Devices have also been requested for all grade 7 and grade 8 students new to APS this school year.  Please be patient as we try to fulfill this specific need.  Thank you.

May 2019

Grade eight students will return iPads AND chargers on June 5 after the SOL test to their TA teachers.  Both the device and the cables should be turned in to avoid being charged.  If you do not have the original charger, you must turn in an Apple certified replacement.

December 2018

Suggestions for connecting to home WiFi after updating iPads:

  • Make sure student has logged into the new Global Protect app.Forget your home WiFi network and log in again.
  • Or, select Reset all Network Settings in General/Reset.
  • Finally after selecting to Forget your home WiFi network, you can try a soft reset (hold down the home and power buttons until you see the apple logo).

November 2018

To all TJMS families-Please make sure that your child has updated the iOS software to the latest iOS (iOS 12.1) by Sunday, November 25. To do this, your child needs to go to the Settings app on the iPad -> Tap on General (located on the left) -> Software Update. Then tap on Download and Install link. Your child will need to enter the iPad passcode and tap on Agree (when it appears on the screen). We will be updating our content filtering app (Global Protect) Monday, November 26. All students need to have their iPads updated to iOS 12 for the Global Protect app update to work. After this app is updated, the devices should get online at home. If an iPad isn’t updated to iOS 12, that device may have to get wiped.Updates: Students should begin to see the new Global Protect and will be prompted to log in as long as their device is in not in Do Not Disturb Mode.

A few other things:- Students will be prompted to login to Global Protect(GP)- The new Air Watch Agent is now called “Hub”- You will no longer be able to see the “VPN” icon while device is connected to the APS network- You will see the icon “VPN” on the upper right corner of the device ONLY if you are connected to the Internet outside of the APS network.- At home if the student is not logged into GP, they will not be able to access the Internet-At home, students may have to forget their home WiFi networks and connect again.

September 2018

Grade 6 ipads will be deployed Monday, September 17.  New grade 7 and 8 students to APS will be receiving devices as well just as soon as we can get to them.  Thank you your patience and support.

August 2018

2018 Device Letter (Spanish) 2018 Device Letter(English)

Acceptable Use Policy

Updated school board policies regarding damage and the APS Acceptable Use Policy

iPad Guidelines and Expectations for Jefferson Middle School

English Spanish

May 2018

Grade 8 iPads will be collected around June 7, 2018 by TA teachers.  iPads and charging cables will need to be returned so that students can receive laptops in the fall from their high schools.  Current sixth and seventh grade students will keep their devices over the summer.

March 2018

iPad System Checks for SOL Testing

February 2018

All iPads should be running on at least iOS 11.2.5.  Students, please update your iOS.

December 2017

Global Protect Update

Tips for Connecting VPN(Global Protect) to Home Wi-Fi for Home

September 2017

  • All sixth grade passwords will be reset on the afternoon of September 19, 2017.  TA teachers will communicate the new passwords for their students.  These passwords will connect them to StudentVue, Global Protect, and APS Google accounts.  We are still waiting for about 20 iPads to come in, so that we can deploy at the sixth grade level.  We are hoping that they are delivered soon.
  • Sixth Grade devices will hopefully be deployed around September 15, 2017.  New seventh and eighth grade students will also receive devices within this timeframe.  All students should enroll in Global Protect (Global Protect Installation) when they set up their iPads.  All students will sign off on Jefferson’s Guidelines and Expectations document.  Parents and guardians should also take time to review the document with their students.  Families can also find Internet safety resources here.

Guidelines and Expectations for Student iPad Use and AUP

June 2017

Grade 8 iPads have been collected.  Grade 6 and 7 iPads were remotely reset.  All students should enroll in Global Protect. (Global Protect Installation)  These devices will remain with students over the summer.

September 2016

  • Sixth grade devices will be deployed Friday, September 23.  Parents and Students should read the Guidelines and Expectations document.  Please sign and return the last page of the document.  iPads will be set up at school and will be sent home once the guidelines have been signed.
  • All Current seventh and eighth grades students experiencing Wi-Fi issues should reset their iPads(Settings/General/Erase All Content and Settings) and set them up again.
  • Apps may take a few attempts to install from the catalog.  If having no success, reset the iPad and follow the instructions above.
  • August 2016

Acceptable Use Agreement 20×26 Poster

July 2016 

Student Vue Passwords for Sixth Grade Students

June 2016 In order to move the student iPads into the new environment for 2016-2017, we will need to wipe all student devices. Since the county wants this configuration to happen before the end of this current school year, we will begin the week of June 6. It will take some time to click through every student iPad within the management system to remotely wipe the iPads. Students should not wipe their iPads on their own!! Students will see the iPad going back to the “Welcome” screen. Please see below for the process that needs to occur for EVERY student iPad:

1. All students need to upgrade their iOS to the latest version. They should do this at home since it takes 10-15 minutes. To do this, they need to go to Settings -> General -> Software Upgrade.

2. All students need to back up files that they want to keep. They should back up to APS Google Drive.

3. The ITC will remotely wipe student iPads. This is the 2016 AW Enrollment Process for the students to reconfigure their iPads AFTER the wipe.

4.When the student sees the “Welcome” screen, have the student reconfigure his/her iPad (following the above directions).

** If a TA student reports that his/her iPad does NOT go back to the “Welcome” screen, please fill out this form: iPad Configuring Issues


May 2016

The IS Department will not be able to repair iPads and MBAs after May 20th which is the deadline for creating POs.

Any device that breaks after that date will not be repaired until July 1st.

January 2016
PTA Meeting at January 21, 2016 8:00 p.m. in the Jefferson library will discuss the personalized learning initiative at Jefferson.

November 2015  

We will be deploying student iPads on Monday, November
9.  iPads will be handed out to students who have both completed the Apple
process and returned the guidelines and expectations handout.  We
understand that there may be outstanding issues for some students.  We
will work very hard to get these issues resolved quickly, but we feel it is
important to move forward at this point.  If you have any concerns about
the status of your student, please contact his or her TA teacher.  Thank
you, as always, for your patience and support.
October 2015

Seventh grade students have had devices set up and returned.  Some new students are still in the process of receiving their devices.  We are working hard to ensure that no one is missed!  TA teachers are the persons of contact if you are concerned that any student may notbe on our radar.

Sixth grade teachers have received equipment.  We are now in the process of inventory and setting up devices.  Students can communicate with their TA teachers to ensure that they complete their Apple ID passwords.  All password information should be communicated to TA teachers as well, so the devices can be set up.  We hope to deploy devices within weeks and as quickly as possible,

September 2015

New seventh grade
are now being identified so that parents can begin the Apple ID
Process.  Emails will be sent to parents providing
them with unique websites and temporary passwords.  Parents should follow the directions on the
site to complete the process on their own.
Students should then tell their TA teachers the passwords that were
selected at home.  Devices will be
delivered as quickly as possible after the passwords have been created.
Returning seventh
grade students
and sixth grade
students who had APS devices in fifth grade
will need to turn in their
current devices to their TA teachers on September
fully charged.  These devices will be completely wiped and
set up again on October 1.  Students will be directed to back up any
content including pictures or videos to their iCloud or Google Drive.
Sixth grade students
who were not enrolled in any APS
elementary school last year will also receive an email to complete the Apple ID
Process at home.  These students need to
tell their TA teachers the password they selected.
Sixth grade students
enrolled in an APS school last year
but who have not yet completed the Apple ID Process need to complete the front page of this form and return it to school.  Students may
bring back the consent form and complete the Apple Process in school with Ms.
Mills-Mirick or another teacher.  They
will need to know a parent email address to complete the process.  This same
group of parents may also stop by
the main office to complete the process as well.
As always, thank you for your interest and patience.  The process is complicated, but we will be
working as quickly as possible to get devices into your students’ hands.

August 2015 

  •      Digital Learning Handbook (Draft)
  •      Digital Citizenship Course:  All students will partake in digital citizenship lessons through TA.  After they complete the lessons, they will sign the APS Acceptable Use Policy and agree to meet the expectations of the personal learning initiative.
  •      Returning Seventh Graders!  Student devices will be reset at the beginning of the year to allow for an updated system.  Students will reset and back up devices in school with teacher assistance.
  •      Upcoming Sixth Graders! Apple ID passwords are being created.  Parents will have another opportunity September 3 from 3 pm to 6 pm.  Students who had devices last year in an APS elementary school do not  need to do anything about creating an Apple ID. They will need to reset their iPads in the fall, however.  Make sure these students have backed up to iCloud (see below).  Devices will be rolled out when we get a large percentage of accounts created and consented to by parents.
  •      iCloud Back Up: Please make sure that your child logs into his/her Apple ID
    on the iPad’s iCloud setting. This will enable the Find My iPhone feature, so you
    can help locate an iPad if it is missing. For more information about iCloud,
    you can go to this website:

 To log into the iCloud setting on the iPad:
–         Tap the Settings icon on the home screen -> Select iCloud -> Enter
your child’s APS Apple ID information.

Make sure the Find My iPhone toggle is green.
To log in to iCloud to use Find my iPhone feature:

Go to and
log in with your child’s APS Apple ID.

Click on Find My iPhone.

Click All Devices -> Select the APS issued iPad.

In the list, you will see the device with either a green dot or a gray
dot. The green dot means that it’s online and can be located. If it’s a gray
dot, it’s offline and the location seen on the map is it’s last location.

If you click on the colored dot, you will see the name of the iPad and
then an “i” icon to the right of the iPad name. If you click on the “i” icon,
you have various options on what you can do now. You can go to this website for
more information on your options: