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Written Curriculum

It is really important to know what students are learning and how they will be assessed. All IB Middle Year Programmes schools should have subject overviews that detail for each subject, in each year the concepts, contexts skills and objectives that students are learning. We have a one-page summary of the units we teach for every course and grade-level posted here: IB MYP Subject Overviews Summarized. At Jefferson, we find it helpful to additionally map out our summative assessment for each subject in order for students to know how their grades are determined. Posted below are the subject overviews and assessment maps for each subject.

Please email the IB MYP Coordinator Kip Malinosky (kip.malinosky@aspva.us) if you have any questions or comments about the written curriculum, especially if you know any or are yourself a relevant experts in particular subject areas or community organizations.

Subject Subject Overview Assessment Map
Arts Arts – Subject Overview Arts – Assessment objectives
Design (CTE) Design – Subject Overview Design – Assessment objectives
Individuals & Societies IS – Subject Overview IS – Assessment objectives
Language Acquisition LA – Subject Overview LA – Assessment objectives
Language & Literature (ELA) LL – Subject Overview LL – Assessment objectives
Math Math – Subject Overview Math – Assessment objectives
Physical & Health Education PHE – Subject Overview PHE – Assessment objectives
Sciences Sciences – Subject Overview Sciences – Assessment objectives


Approaches to Learning Chart

We know learning problem solving skills is imperative for thriving in our world. At Jefferson we teach the IB Approaches to Learning skills (ATLs) across all 8 subjects, interdisciplinary units, and the Community Project. We articulate how we teach the skills in every unit in every class in every subject area. The ATLs are broken into 5 categories: Communication, Social, Self-Management, Research and Thinking skills. Then there 10 more specific skill clusters and then skill indicators. This ATL Planning Chart, documents how we teach them across the school.