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Health and Physical Education


Welcome to the Health and Physical Education Home Page!

We are looking forward to a fun and healthy year with you!

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Health and Physical Education Goal:

Our goal as a department is to help students to develop skills and behaviors that will lead to a healthy lifestyle.  Our focus in order to meet this goal is to provide opportunities for students to practice: making positive choices pertaining to health, developing physical skills to help promote a healthy lifestyle, and using positive social skills and behaviors in physical activity settings.

Meet the Staff

Health & PE

Name Grade Levels
Sean Curran  6th & 8th Grade
Bonnie Lacek  6th & 7th Grade
Britney Patterson *Lead*  7th & 8th Grade
Nathaniel Sconiers  7th & 8th Grade
Amy Stevens  7th & 6th Grade
Shyrone Stith  7th & 8th Grade

Medical Concerns

Any time a student is unable to participate in PE due to a medical reason, a physician’s note or note from the clinic is needed.

Parent notes can be written for last minute issues, however, a note from a physician should follow if the student will need to be excused from class for more than 1 class period.