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Grade 8

Get ready to embark on a remarkable journey with our 8th grader educators, who are dedicated to making this year memorable and impactful.

Grade 8 Teachers

Language & Literature

Name Subject
Olivia Green English 8
Virginia Horton English 8
Anna LaVardera English 8
Olivia Wallick English 8


Name Subject
Zachary Carter Pre-Algebra 8/ Geometry
Jessica Kramer Pre-Algebra 8/ Algebra 1
Sylvia Rivers Pre-Algebra 8
Caitlin Rotchford Algebra Intensified 8 &7 / Pre-Algebra 8


Name Subject
Allison Candelora    Science 8
Abigail Kaster Science 8
Kalia Leonberger Science 8

World Geography

Name Subject
Richard Decker World Geography
Robert Griffiths World Geography
Brittany Wiltrout World Geography
Nicci Williams World Geography