Access Naviance

Naviance is  a web-portal that provides a unique individualized customized experience for our students to engage in early career and college readiness activities. Here is the link to Jefferson Naviance, feel free to navigate through the content and explore the site for new and interesting ways to plan your college and/or career future!

With Naviance, Students are able to:

· Define and monitor their Goals

· Academic Planning/Planner

· Explore Post-Secondary Options

· Career Assessment and Exploration

· Individual Learning and Career

· Personality and Learning Style Assessment

· Electronic Portfolio

· Resume Builder

· Apply their computer literacy skills

· Increase communication skills

Parents/Guardians are able to:

· Access and review their child’s  portfolio as its developed throughout the year

· Explore the program with your child

· Makes suggestions and revisions

· Easily communicate with their child’s counselor


Your student activated his or her account in class meetings with their grade level counselor.
Username: Student ID
password: Birthdate–mmddyy