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Naviance is a college, career, and life readiness (CCLR) platform, equipping over 10 million students in 40% of U.S. high schools with the skills they need to reach their future goals.  The program provides a uniquely customized experience for students to engage in early career and college readiness activities while monitoring their progression towards graduation.

Here is the link to Jefferson Naviance, feel free to navigate through the content and explore the site for new and interesting ways to plan your college and/or career future!


With Naviance, Students are able to: Parents/Guardians are able to:
  • Create, monitor and edit academic/career/personal goals
  • Build middle/high school academic plans
  • Begin to explore post-secondary opportunities
  • Complete career/personal interest/learning style assessments
  • Access and review their child’s portfolio as its developed throughout the year
  • Review child’s Plan of Study