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Mission, Vision, and Values

Mission: Learning together to understand and improve ourselves, our futures, and our world.

Vision: Thomas Jefferson students create a better world.

Values: At Thomas Jefferson Middle School, we commit to…

  • Ensuring that all students will learn and achieve.
  • Providing learning experiences that meet each student’s needs and encourage them to grow.
  • Cultivating a healthy and safe environment for all members of our school community.
  • Operating from a growth mindset.
  • Providing a rigorous curriculum with multiple and varied means of demonstrating mastery.
  • Fostering global perspectives.
  • Reflecting on our own cultural experiences to appreciate how we relate to others and view the world.
  • Developing relationships among students, staff, families, and the greater school community to support students’ personal and academic growth.

School Slogan:

Learn ✦ Grow ✦ Act ✦ Together

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