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Grade 7

Welcome to the dynamic world of 7th grade! Our dedicated team of educators is here to inspire, guide, and support your learning journey.

Welcome to 7th Grade!


Language & Literature

Name Subject
Krystal Wilson Reading
Camee Beyers Language Arts
Peter Anderson Language Arts
Katarzyna Polek-Craven Language Arts
Danielle Vogel Language Arts


Name Subject
Jason Busby Math 7/ Pre-Algebra 7
Nigel Somerville Math 7/ Math Strategies 7
Celestino Samaniego Math 7
Kiera Willis Math 7


Name Subject
Madhavi Yaratha Science 7
Traci Holland-Shuford Science 7
Crystal Kearney Science 7
Science 7

Individuals & Societies

Name Subject
Michael Sivells Civics & Economics
Maureen Nolan Civics & Economics (Team Leader)
Kevin Moore Civics & Economics
Neil De Bruyn Civics & Economics