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Welcome to ACT II

ACT II will become available in the Fall.



ACT II Classes


Digital Input – Creating Websites and Apps Mondays, 2:40-4:00

Students will have an open lab format  to create a project of their choice. This  project centered course will allow  students to design, build, and publish a  basic website or app that incorporates  text, sound, images, and hyperlinks.  You will be able to work independently  or with a partner.

Tech Innovations  Act II Mondays, 2:40-4:00

Students will work to create and  discover their own innovations. Some  projects that could be explored are coding, electronics design, robots, or  building with Legos, 3D printing.  Technology Student Association meets also.

Art  Mondays, 2:40-4:00

Students will work with themes to generate ideas for artwork.  Work time will involve technique practice, journaling and creating a finished work of art.  Come to class prepared to focus on making art and getting a little messy.


Drama Act II Thursdays, 2:40-4:00

Students will play Mean Girls Jr and let’s add: To be cast in an acting role in Mean Girls Jr, the student needs to audition on January 11. All students enrolled in Act 2 who did not audition will be in the tech crew.

Chorus Act II Thursdays, 2:40-4:00

Students will work on songs to perform with the TJMS Chorus, Drama Act II class, or both! Full year chorus students including Act II are eligible to participate in the Music Dept. Spring Trip

Computer Programming for Game Design, 2:40-4:00

Students will demonstrate project planning and computer programming skills to design a video game. Students will develop an idea, create a storyboard and testing plan, and then use programming skills acquired during the semester to create, test, and finalize the game. Students may work in pairs or independently.

Frequently Asked Questions


  1. Is there a capacity limit for each class? Yes, due to supplies/ technology, we can only accept a certain amount of students.
  2. Is there a form for us to fill out? Yes, and must be returned to Ms. Burton.
  3. Can I return the form via email? Yes, please return the form to Ms. Burton at jasmine.burton@apsva.us or bring in the physical copy.
  4. How do I know if my student was enrolled in the course? Please check your Parent/Studentvue Thursday afternoon on Feb. 1st. It will be on their schedule.
  5. Is there an after school bus? Yes!
  6. My student wasn’t able to take Art, is there another way for my student to join? Yes, please see clubs and activity schedule for Art Club. Attendance isn’t required and it’s not graded.
  7. How long does the class last? It is a semester course therefore for Spring enrollment, it will last for the reminder of the year.
  8. If it conflicts with my student’s sporting activities, could we drop the course? Yes, families, please send me an email as soon as possible. If not, the grade will be posted on your student’s report card and you will continue to receive absence phone calls.