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ASCA-ramp-logo Our Mission

The mission of the TJMS school counseling department is to inspire and support the social/emotional, academic, and career development of all students through the implementation of a standards-based, comprehensive school counseling program. School counselors work to promote intercultural understanding among students and staff to ensure that all feel valued and respected as individuals. Counselors act as advocates, leaders, collaborators, and systemic-change agents at TJMS to drive equity, access, and success for all students. A variety of data sources are used to continuously evaluate counselor’s efforts to make sure we increase our ability to improve student outcomes for the year and into adulthood. Counselors and students challenge and inspire each other as we learn together to become the best versions of ourselves.

Vision Statement

All TJMS students will enter adult life as happy, successful, intellectually curious, and well-rounded global citizens. They will confidently bring their diverse experiences and backgrounds to their professional lives, and they will solve problems with a reflective, balanced and principled perspective. Our students will approach their journey to success with integrity and are resilient as they face social-emotional, academic, and career challenges. Students will use their social intelligence to foster strong interpersonal relationships. They will be college and/or career ready and rely on a high level of self-knowledge to pursue the career that best fits their life goals. Our students will use their hopeful outlook to desire and work towards a better world and use their learning and self-discipline to be leaders in their local and global communities.

TJMS Counseling Belief Statements: All students…

  • Can learn and achieve at high levels
  • Should feel welcome and valued at school
  • Are valuable and worthy of life’s best possible outcomes
  • Can set and an achieve goals for their future success
  • Have access to a comprehensive school counseling program and certified school counselors to ensure that they feel encouraged and supported in the school setting
  • Should have equal access to rigorous courses and classes that match their interests, talents, and skills
  • Are individuals, and recognizing their unique attributes is paramount in ensuring an equitable educational experience
  • Should feel a strong personal ability to achieve what they desire for their lives regardless of their ethnicity, race, socio-economic background, gender identity, or sexual orientation.

School Counselors…

  • Use both quantitative and qualitative data to continuously evaluate the effectiveness of interventions
  • Consciously build relationships with students
  • Implement a comprehensive school counseling program to best support student need
  • Collaborate between students, administrators, teachers and staff, parents, and community members towards better student outcomes.
  • Continuously consult with each other, school leadership, and the ASCA Ethical Standards to ensure they are making decisions using the highest caliber of professional ethics




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