Family and Consumer Sciences

Welcome to Family & Consumer Science (FACS)

Contact info: (email preferred)
School phone: 703-228-5900


The purpose of Family and Consumer Science is to promote student responsibility, problem-solving skills, and independence.  All FACS classes focus on nurturing strong families, living a healthy lifestyle, and developing personal independence.

Health Card

Please fill out the Health Card in a separate tab to the left. If you are unable to fill it out online, your child should have received a copy in class. If your child lost the health card, he or she is responsible for printing off the form from the website; one child, one copy.


In order to prepare for independent living, students are required to complete chores each week. Parents are responsible for confirming the completed chore. Students will complete a paper form, which parents should sign. Alternatively, parents may email me at or send a note in with your child.

I hope you and your child enjoy the class!


Safety Quiz