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Student “Quotes”

Life Management

Should school lunch programs offer a wide variety of foods for people of different cultures and religious backgrounds? Why or why not?

“Yes, they should because at TJMS we are an IB school and it would be very beneficial to our understanding of diverse cultures around the world. It would also be beneficial because usually different cultural foods tend to have different nutritional values and that would be a great way for students to get all of their nutrition in a more multi-cultural way.”

“Yes, because it can be an experience to eat or see what kind of food they make in their culture.”

“School lunch programs should serve food from different cultures and religions around the world.  It goes with the IB curriculum to show us diversity and to make us appreciate it.  It can also allow kids to try new things they would not normally try.”

Sentence completion for the Pizza Challenge.

“The best part of the Pizza Challenge was . . . eating the pizza because the taste of hard work is like none other.