It’s important to engage with your child’s school and the PTA, and it’s easy to get involved as a parent volunteer.

Your support is invaluable to ensure the success of our PTA programs and events, but we can’t do it without you! If you see something below that interests you and fits your schedule, please let us know and we’ll include you in the planning. Direct questions to 总裁@ tjmspta.org.

提醒一下,阿灵顿公立学校 (APS) 网站内的任何网页都可以通过选择以下语言选项之一以西班牙语、蒙古语、阿姆哈拉语或阿拉伯语查看,这些选项也位于所有 APS 网页的左上角区域。

Last updated Aug. 8, 2022


标有星号的职位是民选官员,他们履行职责中概述的职责 TJMS PTA 章程,第 6 条:官员的职责. 任期为一年,个人在同一办公室连续任职不得超过两届。 Per TJMS PTA bylaws, the Executive Committee consists of the elected officers and our principal, while the Executive Board consists of elected officers and the chairs of the standing committees, as listed here:

总统* 艾莉森·斯图尔特 (2022-2023)
总裁@ tjmspta.org
副总统* 打开
秘书* Jimisha Relerford (2022-2023)
财务主管* Trish Gomes (2022-2023)
通讯主席 阿琳·戈耶特 (2021-2023)
筹款主席 帕特里夏·加西亚 (2021-2023)

*Denotes elected officer


In addition to Executive Board service opportunities, the PTA offers many other volunteer opportunities to help you get involved and stay connected with the school community throughout the year. Duties and time commitments vary widely, and we invite you to pick one or more roles that best fit your schedule.

The PTA will share details about these and other volunteer opportunities as they become available during the course of the school year. 注册 PTA 通讯 这样您就不会错过任何重要的公告或注册。

Newsletter and Website
Help keep parents informed about PTA events and programs, as well as TJ and APS news and announcements, by managing the PTA’s newsletter and website. Duties include writing, editing and producing weekly issues of the TJMS PTA Buzz email newsletter using Constant Contact, and occasional website updates in WordPress. Time commitment is approximately 1-2 hours per week for the newsletter and 1-2 hours per month for the website. (This role works in coordination with the Communications Chair and may be shared by co-managers.)
Newsletter and Website Manager(s): 打开
Help us engage our community by sharing information about PTA initiatives and amplifying school and APS announcements on Facebook and Twitter. Duties include creating and posting content with time commitment about 1-2 hours per week. (This role works in coordination with the Communications Chair and may be shared by co-managers.)
Social Media Manager(s): 打开
Groups.io Discussion Forum
Help us relaunch our PTA email group discussion forum as a members-only venue for TJ parents to ask questions and engage with each other in a private group setting. Duties to include managing the member list in Groups.io and monitoring discussions, with about 1-2 hour time commitment per week. (This role may be shared by co-managers.)
Email Group Manager(s): 打开
阿灵顿公立学校(APS) 教与学咨询委员会(ACTL) 将每个 APS 学校的利益相关者聚集在一起,与 APS 员工讨论教学需求。 这个角色提供了一种很好的方式来更好地理解 APS 的教学部分,并参与关于 APS 课程未来的重要对话。 职责包括参加每月的 ACTL 会议、审查小组委员会的报告以及与 TJMS PTA 分享重点。 (This role can be shared by co-reps.)
ACTL Representative: Jimisha Relerford
阿灵顿 PTA县议会(CCPTA) 是阿灵顿公立学校 (APS) 上每个孩子的教育和福祉的倡导者。 它包括来自每个 APS PTA 的代表——包括 TJMS PTA——和一些 APS 咨询小组。 职责包括参加每月的 CCPTA 会议并与 TJMS PTA 分享亮点。 (This role can be shared by co-reps.)
中国贸促会代表: Laura Cooke
Teacher Appreciation Events
Help show our Jefferson teachers and staff members how much our families value them and appreciate their hard work! Duties may include coordinating teacher/staff lunches (one in fall, one in spring); activities during the annual APS Teacher Appreciation Week in May; or other potential activities. Estimated time commitment is a few hours per event.
Teacher Appreciation Chair: 打开
Help recognize our A and A/B honor roll students for their outstanding achievement! Duties include coordinating and/or attending quarterly celebrations to be scheduled following the close of each academic quarter. Estimated time commitment is about 1 hour for each event, typically held during the last hour of a school day in the cafeteria.
Student Honor Roll Celebration Chair: 打开
TJ Latino Parents / Padres Latinos de TJ
Working with the TJMS Bilingual Family Liaison, the PTA provides resources for Latino parents in the form of virtual meetings and communications, including a Spanish-language WhatsApp group. The PTA seeks bilingual (English/Spanish) volunteers to help with occasional Spanish-language meetings and WhatsApp postings. Estimated time commitment is about 1-3 hours/week.

Latino Parents Committee Chair: Anita McLinton

Latino Parents Staff Liaison: Irma De Leon, TJMS Bilingual Family Liaison

协调 TJMS 参与 思考,PTA 的全国性艺术比赛为学生提供了一个大放异彩的机会,展示他们的创造力。 职责将主要在 XNUMX 月至 XNUMX 月的时间范围内进行,包括收集提交的作品、协调评委、确定获胜者、将获胜者转发到县级比赛和表彰学生参与者。

Reflections Committee Chair: 打开

Reflections Teacher Liaison: Megan Detweiler, TJMS Resource Teacher for the Gifted

Harvest Festival (October)
在过去的十年中,TJMS 举办了 丰收节日 每年十月,作为杰斐逊学生、家庭、教师和邻居的户外社交活动。 PTA 与学校管理人员合作以协调此活动。 该活动在杰斐逊花园附近地区的学校场地举行,传统上以学生合唱和管弦乐队表演、户外电影放映、花园之旅、火坑、食物等为特色。 XNUMX 月至 XNUMX 月时间范围内的职责包括食品、活动和物流的规划; 征求赞助商捐款; 和现场人员配备,包括设置和清理。
Harvest Festival Chair: 打开
Bingo Night Fundraiser
于2021年XNUMX月推出, 宾果之夜 is a new PTA fundraiser run by and for students. This event serves as both a fundraiser and an opportunity for community engagement, where TJMS students and their families and teachers can have some fun while raising money to benefit PTA programs. Students participate both as event hosts/announcers and Bingo players. Duties in the September-December timeframe include planning of food, activities and logistics; soliciting Bingo prize donations; and on-site staffing, including set-up and clean-up.
Bingo Night Chair: 打开
International Night (April)
As a fitting complement to the school’s International Baccalaureate Middle Years Program, the annual TJMS国际之夜 celebrates global cultures through music, dance, costumes and food. All students, families, teachers and neighbors will be invited to attend this longstanding Jefferson tradition, typically held every April. Duties for PTA parent volunteers in the January-April timeframe include planning food and event logistics, soliciting community dance/music groups for the performance stage, donating home-made food items and on-site staffing.

International Night Chair: 打开

International Night Teacher Liaison: Kip Malinosky, TJMS IBMYP Coordinator

8th Grade Promotion Celebration (June)
Parents of students in ALL grades are invited to help plan and staff a festive promotion celebration for our 8th graders to remember! The reception is held during the last week of school, immediately following the promotion ceremony in the Jefferson gym. Duties in the March-June timeframe to include planning event logistics, food purchase and prep, event setup and cleanup, and on-site staffing. Traditionally, 8th grade parents provide advance planning support and set up the event space the night before, while parents of 6th and 7th graders staff the event itself – this arrangement allows the 8th grade parents to enjoy the reception with their families.
8th Grade Promotion Committee Chair: 打开
由 TJMS PTA 和企业赠款资助, 杰斐逊花园 (also known as the TJMS Community Garden) is managed by parent and teacher volunteers. It gives students hands-on outdoor learning opportunities and supports our local community by donating fresh produce to local Arlington food pantries. The Jefferson Garden offers parents many opportunities for volunteer hours during the school year, including garden workdays during the growing season (planting, weeding, harvesting, etc.) and writing garden grant applications. Volunteer time commitment can be as large or small as desired throughout the school year.

Jefferson Garden Chair: 打开

Jefferson Garden Teacher Liaisons: Enid Dunbar and Kaila Leonberger