Virtual ACT II Classes

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ACT II Music Production/Chorus

Act 2 Music Production/Chorus is open all students (singers or instrumentalists). Student can choose what songs or material they want to work on. Class members will learn to use recording software and work on recording the songs that they choose. No experience necessary.
Sponsor: Mr. Banach

ACT II Website/App Design

Description: Students will learn how to design apps and make webpages.
Sponsor: Mr. J. Anderson

ACT II Tech Innovations

This is an open-lab concept for students to design things that interest them.  It is a structured class in that there is attendance and some agreed-upon grades, but the content is largely student selected.  The teacher’s role is to facilitate student understanding and discovery of solutions to projects and problems they choose.
Sponsor: Mr. Nolen

ACT II Tech Competition/TSA Club

This Tuesday ACT II class is designed around the Technology Student Association club events.  There are regional, state and national challenges for students to compete in.  The course is very open-ended for students and competition is NOT required.  Students will follow a design brief and complete various challenges they select from the events catalog.
Sponsor: Mr. Nolen

ACT II Drama

The first half of students involved in this ACT II class will perform a Fall Play virtually. The second half of students will make films.
Sponsor: Ms. Riley