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Tuần lễ tri ân giáo viên TJMS

The TJMS PTA supports teachers and staff in many ways. For example, we typically host Teacher/Staff Appreciation lunches during the year, mobilize parents to volunteer for pop-up opportunities when requested by teachers, and administer Teacher Mini-Grants to provide funding for classroom needs and instructional resources.

GIÁO VIÊN: To be eligible for a grant request, teachers must download and use the Đơn xin tài trợ nhỏ cho giáo viên TJMS PTA (PDF).

CHA MẸ: Do you have creative ideas for ways the PTA can support and show appreciation to TJMS teachers and staff throughout the school year? Contact the PTA and volunteer to help at President@tjmspta.org.

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About the Teacher Mini-Grant Program

The TJMS PTA Teacher Mini-Grant Program provides discretionary funds to teachers to enhance the student experience at the school. The funds are intended to pay for needs not already covered by existing budgetary allotments or dedicated funds.

All grant applications must be approved by Principal Boggan, in her role as a member of the PTA Executive Committee, before being approved by PTA member vote. Further instructions are provided on the application form. Download the Đơn xin tài trợ nhỏ cho giáo viên TJMS PTA (PDF).

In past years, PTA grants have helped pay for:

  • Supplies for student clubs and activities like Lunch Game Club, Kindness Club and Red Ribbon Week
  • Supplies for cultural learning experiences during foreign language classes
  • New books for English language arts classroom libraries
  • Rewards for students enrolled in the Interlude program
  • Transportation and other fees for the annual William and Mary Model UN Conference
  • Membership in the annual Odyssey of the Mind competition
  • Và nhiều hơn nữa!