Technical Support for Teachers

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New App/Resource Request Process

Here is a flowchart that lays out the process from start to finish:

Here is the form that teachers use to make a request:

Here is a list of the core apps that will be added at the District level: (there might be a couple of changes coming but it’s 99% what it will be):

Middle School iPad Solutions Site

New Student iPad Request Form

Air Server (Displaying an iPad on the Projector)
Please first put in a 2847 ticket to request Air Server be pushed down to your computer.  You will need to include the Sevice Tag Number of your laptop in the ticket.   Once the software is installed, let me (Tammy) know.  I will then configure the software for you.

Teacher Vue and Parent Vue App District URL 

TeacherVUE/AdminVUE District URL is

ParentVUE/StudentVUE District URL is

APS iPad

Assessment Form

iPad Back Up

2016 AW Enrollment Process

iPad Training Course  (Code EZJMJRRHK)

More iOS Training Videos