Morning Announcements

Wednesday, March 11, 2020


Today is a B Day for 6th Graders.

From Coach Bee and Coach Sam: Day two of the NFL Combine was great! Top Male performances go to… Oscar Romero running 5.16 seconds in the 40 yard dash and jumping a 12ft 10 inch in long jump. Luca Nabors had an 8ft 1 inch broad jump. Top Female performances go to Emma Abramson and Riley Clouse running 5.71 seconds in the 40 yard dash, Riley Clouse for jumping 11 feet 2 inches long jump, and Mira Meeks for jumping 6ft 7 inch broad jump. Way to go 6th and 7th graders! Day 3 for 8th grade will be on Thursday March 12.

From Mrs. Dunbar: This Friday, March 13th, will be our last Reading Buddies meeting of the school year. Please plan to attend if you can, and we will finish up strong! Garden Club will begin on Friday, March 20th as long as the weather permits. We are looking forward to see old friends from the Fall along with anyone new who would like to join in. There are no permission forms to fill out for Garden Club. Just come with a willingness to work hard and enjoy being outside.

From Mr. Malinosky: The Jefferson Environmental Club will meet tomorrow to discuss next steps of fight the climate crisis.  Now here’s Jason with a special announcement:Good Morning Yellow Jackets.Yearbooks are running out. We currently have only 188 yearbooks left in stock. We have been working tirelessly on your yearbook for the entire year. We also have this amazing cover [show cover]! We realize that you might not want to buy a yearbook for a variety of reasons, but I assure you that is a choice you will regret. Without this yearbook you will forget all of the precious memories you have made this year. So, buy your yearbook or else you’ll regret it.

From Ms. J Miller, Ms. Wall, and your Reading teachers: The winner of the other worlds pairing is … The Toll by Neal Shusterman.  Toll moves into the second round.Today’s match is between two books that deal with tough issues:  Clean getaway by Nic Stone and Internment by Samira Ahmed.   Scoob can’t seem to stay out of trouble. So when G’ma  asks him to go on an impromptu road trip, he’s game. With G’ma’s old maps and a strange pamphlet at their side, the pair takes off on unforgettable roadtrip.  But adventure quickly turns to uncertainty. Where is G’ma taking him? Is G’ma Okay?  The farther they go, the more Scoob realizes things aren’t always what they seem–G’ma included.  Read Clean getaway to find out what is happening. In Interment, new Islamaphobic laws are disrupting the lives of Muslims across America. When Layla’s family and other Muslims are rounded up by the authorities and forced to live in an internment camp in the California desert (like Japanese-Americans during WWII), Layla learns what it means to survive–and to fight.  With help from new friends in the detention center, her boyfriend on the outside, and an unexpected alliance, Layla sets out to revolt against the internment camp’s director and guards.   Which of these books did you like better? Or, if you haven’t read them, which would you most like to read? Vote today before the end of school. You can vote in the Library, from the Jefferson library homepage, or by using the link in the announcement we sent out this morning in your grade-level Canvas course. Tune in tomorrow to hear the results of today’s battle and to learn about the next pair of books.

From Ms. A Miller: Model UN will NOT sell pizza this week. See you next week. If you need a bicycle helmet, please see Cpl. Stewart in Room 231.

From Information Services: Students who have upgraded their iPads to iOS 13.1.3 or above may experience issues with Global Protect at home.  The county is aware of this issue and working to resolve it.  As best practice, there is no need to upgrade student iPads unless directed to do so or if there is no other option after disabling a device.

From Ms. Hudson and the Math Department: Math Night has been postponed to a later date. Please stay tuned.