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Getting Started and Quick Tips

Technology Requests of All Shapes and Sizes

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Thomas Jefferson Middle School Staff – Please report all professional development, repair, and instructional technology service requests to the Service Support Center at x2847, via email 2847@apsva.us, or submit a ticket at https://2847apsva.zendesk.com

Setting up Teacher Computers 2018-2019

Staff MAC Enrollment Instructions


Passwords and APS Electronic Resources


APS Electronic Resources

Win7 – Office 365 Activation for Office 2016

*When setting up Outlook, you must enter “@apsva.us” in the user name of the prompted APS dialog box.

APS Google Apps for Education

All students and teachers, upon enrollment, are automatically granted a Google account through the APS Google Apps for Education program. Students and staff may log into their Google accounts through any authorized Google portal or log-in using their OneLogin credentials, formatted like an email address: User Name: studentid@apsva.us Password: your OneLogin password For example, if your student ID number is 123456, your Google user name is 123456@apsva.us.

Google Apps Tutorials

Google Classroom Help

Google Classroom and Homework Calendar

Disenrolling Students and Staff Departures

Students and staff who leave APS for any reason will have their accounts automatically disabled. Prior to departing, you should use a service called Google Takeout to download any and all materials from your APS-issued Google accounts, which can then be uploaded into a new, private Google account that has been created independently. Google Takeout is located at encrypted.google.com/takeout. Former students and employees who would like to request temporary access to their already-disabled accounts should submit a Help Desk ticket request at 2847@apsva.us. Include your complete name as it appeared during your enrollment at the school, your student ID number if applicable, your grade level at the time of departure, and specifically indicate you wish to regain access to your Google account. School personnel have absolutely no access to this system, and cannot assist you directly.

Printing Tips

Installing Printers: Start Menu/APS Printer installer

If you receive an error message, double click Computer on the desktop and then just double click on the Z drive.  Try the steps above again.  (This is just a glitch that might happen.) On a student station:You must first double click on the Map My Drive icon on the desktop.  It will prompt you to log in using your credentials. It will then give you rights to install printers.

Students do not have rights to install printers thus this extra step. Start Menu/APS Printer installer. When finished, double click on the Disconnect My Network Drive or reboot machine.

Printing to the Jefferson Copy Machines

Greyed Out Printers:

If you have trouble printing, first check Devices and Printers to see if the icons of the printers are “greyed” out.  They will not appear dark but whitish.  If this is the case:Start Menu/Fix Grey Printers  You must restart the computer after running the application.

Synergy and Homework Posting Documents

Synergy/My Stars Tips and Handouts



Creating Groups Using Outlook Client

Sharing Exchange Contact Groups

Software Library (For Program Installation, Software Fixes, and Becoming an Administrator of a PC)

  • Start Menu
  • Kace Software Library
  • Username:  FirstName.LastName
  • Password:  Your Password
  • Organization:  APS

Personalized Learning

SMI/SRI Set Up Directions

iPad Maintenance Requests and Resources

  • Students should report all iPad issues to TA teachers who then submit a x2847 ticket. The ITC will then be alerted by x2847 of the situation to resolve in a timely manner.  The ITC will touch base with the student if needed.  Please do not send students straight to the ITC without following this process.  Email 2847@apsva.us with the issue.  Please include Student Name, Student ID, and APS Tag (Blue) Number in your email.  Place damaged iPads in my mailbox with a copy of your ticket.
  • All teachers will have access to a grade level Personalized Learning folder in their Google drive. Please check this folder and the Personalized Learning section of the Jefferson website for updates, directions, and resources.
  • Middle School iPad Solutions Site


SMART Panel Tips