Officers and Volunteer Opportunities


It’s important to engage with your child’s school and the PTA, and it’s easy to get involved. The PTA relies on volunteers to help us deliver programs and events to the Thomas Jefferson Middle School community, as well as offer support for teachers and students throughout the year. We invite you to get involved in promoting the success of our school community. If you have questions or want to volunteer, contact

Last updated Sept. 18, 2021

2021-2022 Executive Board

Positions marked with an asterisk are elected officers. Terms are for one year, and individuals may not serve for more than two consecutive terms in the same office. Per our TJMS PTA bylaws, the Executive Committee consists of the elected officers and our principal, while the Executive Board consists of elected officers and the chairs of the standing committees, as listed here:

President* Amy Stalzer (2021-2022)
Vice President* Allison Stewart (2021-2022)
Secretary* Jasmine Hayes (2020-2022)
Treasurer* Natanya Blackwell (2020-2022)
Communications Chair Arlene Goyette (2021-2022)
Fundraising Chair Patricia Garcia (2021-2022)
Membership/Engagement Chair OPEN
Chair position is open. A Student/Family Programs/Engagement Committee is being formed in September! To volunteer for either, contact

*Denotes elected officer

Volunteer Opportunities

In addition to Executive Board service opportunities, below is a list of PTA volunteer opportunities with brief descriptions. Some roles have a monthly or quarterly obligation throughout the school year; other activities are concentrated within a specific timeframe within the school year. You can pick the role that best fits your schedule. If you would like to volunteer for anything listed below, fill out the Volunteer Interest Form.

Please note that as the pandemic is ongoing, our plans will be made with pandemic safety considerations in mind, and we will be responsive in working with school administrators to adjust our plans as needed throughout the year to ensure any in-person events can be offered safely.

In addition to the roles below, parents are also encouraged to volunteer for other opportunities that may be announced throughout the school year. Sign up for PTA communications so you don’t miss any important announcements or signups.

ACTL Representative(s)
The Arlington Public Schools (APS) Advisory Council on Teaching and Learning (ACTL) brings together stakeholders from every APS school to discuss instructional needs with APS staff. This role offers a great way to better understand the instructional component to APS and to participate in important conversations about the future of APS curriculum. Duties include attending monthly ACTL meetings (usually weekday evenings), reviewing subcommittee reports and sharing highlights with the TJMS PTA.
CCPTA Representative(s)
The Arlington County Council of PTAs (CCPTA) is an advocate for the education and well-being of every child attending Arlington Public Schools (APS). It includes representatives from each APS PTA – including the TJMS PTA – and some APS advisory groups. Duties include attending monthly CCPTA meetings and sharing highlights with the TJMS PTA.
Laura Cooke, Representative
Parent Ambassadors (NEW opportunity!)
Serve as a liaison between your child’s team (e.g. Owl team, Dolphin team, etc.) and TJMS parents on behalf of the PTA. This would be a new PTA initiative, so the duties and time commitment are still to be defined in conjunction with the school – more information will be shared as soon as available.
OPEN – Call for volunteers will go out during September
Teacher and Staff Appreciation
Coordinating teacher/staff lunches on or around the Student-Led Conference Days in October and March; APS Teacher/Staff Appreciation Week events in May; and other potential appreciation opportunities during the year.
Committee now being formed in September! Sign up using the Volunteer Interest Form
Student Honor Roll Celebrations
Coordinating quarterly celebrations during the school-day for all students making the honor roll. Time commitment would be a few hours in early November, early February and/or April.
Reflections Arts Contest
Coordinating TJMS participation in Reflections, the PTA’s nationwide arts contest offering an excellent opportunity for students to shine and show their creativity. Duties in the September-November timeframe may include collecting submissions, coordinating judges, determining winners, forwarding winners to county-level competition and recognizing student participants.
Cyndi Gadhia, Chair
Harvest Festival – Oct. 29, 2021
For nearly a decade, TJMS has held a Harvest Festival every October as an outdoor social event for our Jefferson students, families and teachers. The PTA assists school administrators with coordinating aspects of this event. Held on school grounds in the area near the Jefferson Garden, this event traditionally has featured student chorus and orchestra performances, an outdoor movie screening, garden tours and a pumpkin raffle. In 2021, the Harvest Festival Committee will be asked to adapt this event as needed to ensure safety during the pandemic. Duties in the September-October timeframe may include soliciting donations, coordinating food and managing various aspects of the event on-site.

Cynthia Curry-Daniel, Chair

We need many volunteers for this event. Please sign up to help plan a fun and safe outdoor event for our students! Fill out the Volunteer Interest Form for the Harvest Festival Committee now!

Bingo Night Fundraiser (NEW opportunity!)
The PTA is currently considering having a first-ever Bingo Night fundraiser, either in December or in the spring, and we welcome parent feedback on this idea via email to If offered, this social event would be a chance for TJMS students and their families and teachers to have some fun while raising money to benefit PTA programs. Students will be able to participate both as event hosts/announcers and Bingo players. (This event concept is still under discussion and not yet confirmed.)
Jefferson Library Book Fair (NEW opportunity!)
Provide support to the library staff for this school-run event promoting books and literacy. Time commitment is just a few hours on a day in December to be announced.
International Night – April 29, 2022
Each April, TJMS International Night celebrates world cultures with international-themed performances and costumes. As part of this school-run event, the PTA traditionally plans and hosts a basket raffle fundraiser to benefit PTA programs. Duties in the January-April timeframe may include collecting student-selected basket themes from teachers, coordinating item donations from families and local businesses, assembling approximately 20 baskets and running the raffle portion of the event.
8th Grade Promotion
Coordinating the 8th grade reception occurring immediately after the promotion ceremony at the end of the school year.
Jefferson Garden Outdoor Events
Supporting activities for the Jefferson Garden (also known as the TJMS Community Garden), including Garden Club meetings, garden workdays, communications and donations to Arlington food pantries. The Jefferson Garden is funded in part by the TJMS PTA. Volunteer for the Jefferson Garden now.
Reidy Brown, Garden Manager