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Hi! I am Ms. Hunter Benante and I am the Resource Teacher for the Gifted at Jefferson Middle School.I am a graduate of The University of Virginia and am currently completing my administrative endorsement at The George Washington University.  My instructional role is to collaborate with the classroom teacher for effective differentiation, working together to design and implement appropriate instruction for identified gifted students.  The instructional goals are to challenge all students and to provide educators with added knowledge, resources, instructional strategies, and support to enhance the achievement of gifted students.

In middle school, services are implemented or delivered in various formats, whether in collaboration with the classroom teacher, school services or activities, or the individual student. Students are identified for services in the four content areas of English, math, science, and social studies in grades K-12.

Arts identification in the areas of vocal and instrumental music and visual art occurs in grades 3-12.

Please feel free to contact me!

Ms. Hunter Benante, Resource Teacher for the Gifted
Phone number: 703-228-2249
Thomas Jefferson Middle School
Room 135


Gifted Services Information Night
Tuesday, October 18,2016
Jefferson Middle School Media Center 7:00 pm
Gifted Services Information Night Power Point – Jefferson Middle

Drop- In Differentiation Workshops

Offered in quarters 3 and 4, these workshops focused on tiered lessons, high level questioning, curriculum compacting, and problem based learning.

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