Swim Starts Soon – Feb 19th – More Info Here!

Swim begins on February 19th!  We welcome swimmers of all abilities (as long as they can make it across the pool).  Here’s how swimming works at TJMS:

Swim practices, for the beginning of the season, are on Mondays and Wednesdays.  Meets will be on Thursdays.

Beginning on February 19th, swimmers will bring their bathing suits (no two-pieces for girls), towels, and goggles to school.  When the bell rings at 2:24 PM all swimmers bring their swim items to the bus loop at the front of the school and gather together to wait for the swim bus.  The swim bus pulls into the loop immediately after the regular buses leave.  Swimmers board the swim bus, get off at W-L pool, and head to the locker room to change into their swim suits.

At the end of practice, approximately 3:55 PM, swimmers return to the locker room and change back into their street clothes.  They then board a bus to come back to Jefferson where they can then get on the late buses to go home.  If your student takes a late bus home it’s very helpful to have them bring to the pool all of the things they need to take home so they can get on the late buses immediately after returning to Jefferson (and not be required to go back into the building).

All students must have a physical turned into Mr. Siegel to participate.  More information on that can be found under the “Physical” section of the “Activities” tab on the Jefferson website.

The swim meet schedule can be found in the “Sports Schedule” section under the “Activities” tab of the Jefferson website.

Swim coaches this year are Kevin Nolan (flykv81@gmail.com) and Caitlin Rotchford (caitlin.rotchford@apsva.us).

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