iPad Update Suggestions

Suggestions for connecting to home WiFi after updating iPads:

  • Make sure student has logged into the new Global Protect app.
  • Forget your home WiFi network and log in again.
  • Or, select Reset all Network Settings in General/Reset.
  • Finally after selecting to Forget your home WiFi network, you can try a soft reset (hold down the home and power buttons until you see the apple logo).
  • Students may need to re-install apps from the app catalog to make sure they have the most current version of the app as well.

Students should report all issues to their TA teacher to begin the help process if needed.  

A few other things:

– Students may be prompted to login to Global Protect(GP)

– The new Air Watch Agent is now called “Hub”

– You will no longer be able to see the “VPN” icon while device is connected to the APS network

– You will see the icon “VPN” on the upper right corner of the device ONLY if you are connected to the Internet outside of the APS network.- At home if the student is not logged into GP, they will not be able to access the Internet

-All iPad issues should be reported to your student’s TA teacher.