Magistra Egbert

Welcome to lingua Latina!  On this page you can find my daily schedule, the syllabus for each of my classes, and the link to the Canvas page for your class.  Please check Canvas regularly for announcements, homework, and resources.

Back to School night presentation: Back to School-Egbert


Latin I/Int syllabus: Egbert Latin I Syllabus 2019-20

Latin II syllabus: Egbert Latin II syllabus 2019-20

Intro to Latin syllabus: Egbert Intro to Latin Syllabus 2019-20

Distance Latin I (Kenmore/Gunston): Latin I distance syllabus 2019-20

Distance Latin II (Kenmore/Gunston): Latin II distance syllabus 2019-20

Canvas links:

Jefferson Latin I:

Jefferson Latin II:

Intro to Latin:

Kenmore Latin I:

Kenmore Latin II:

Gunston Latin I:

Gunston Latin II:

Daily Teaching Schedule:

1st period block – Gunston rm 108

3rd period block – Kenmore rm 294

4th period – Latin I Int. rm 104

5th period – Planning rm 111

6th period – Latin I/Int. rm 111

7th period – Latin II rm 111

8th period – Intro to Latin rm 111 – A and B days



  • Latin I In this first Latin co
  • Latin I, Intensified is for st
  • Students expand their skills b
  • Students are introduced to the