Elita Jenks

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I am an English Learner (EL) Teacher. I work closely with the Math 6 and Math 7 teams to teach the English language through Math content. I have an 8th Grade Gator TA.



Math 6 with Mr. Bee (Periods 4, 5)

Math 7 with Mr. Somerville (Periods 1, 2, 6)







Elita Jenks

I don’t know the exact date Freedom came to my great-great grandfather, Preston, in South Carolina, but today I remember him, Maw Emma, and all our ancestors, honor their struggle and resilience, and hope for the future. Happy #Juneteenth! https://t.co/cvRjA7H7Cj
Published June 19, 21 5:12AM


  • 8th Grade HR