Chris Ammon

Mr. Ammon holds teaching endorsements in Business & IT Mr. Ammon on Mt. Rag
as well as Technology Education. He’s currently teaching three classes at TJMS:

Investigating Computer Science

  • 8th grade. Period 7. Full year.
  • Computer Science Syllabus (coming soon)

Technology of Robotic Design

  • 8th grade. Periods 1 and 2. Full year
  • Technology of Robotic Design Syllabus (coming soon)

Digital Input Technologies

  • 7th grade. Periods 3 and 4. One semester
  • Digital Input Technologies Syllabus (coming soon)


  • Digital Input Technologies, Semester
  • 8th Grade HR
  • Design Technology - Technology Education
  • Investigating Computer Science
  • Technology of Robotic Design