SOL Testing Information

TJMS SOL Testing

All SOL testing will be done in-person at TJMS in May and June, with safety protocols in place.  Yellow Jackets who change from virtual to in-person instruction after April 19th, 2021, will test with virtual students on Monday testing dates.  Parents who do not wish for their student to participate in state and/or federally mandated assessments due to COVID-19 concerns, should contact the below staff by email to discuss scheduling options or access the APS opt out information/forms. SOL testing is a TJMS community effort.  Your Yellow Jacket will perform at his or her best if he/she has a good night’s rest, a healthy breakfast, and arrives to school on time. You may help with test preparations by not scheduling appointments during the testing period. Click Here to view the testing schedule for the upcoming (May and June) Virginia Standards of Learning (SOL) exams.  Please note that the science SOL on the calendar is only for grade 8 students.




When Will Students Take Their SOL TESTS?

  • Virtual students will test on Mondays. SOL tests will begin at 8:00AM. Students should report to school by 7:40AM.
  • Hybrid students will test on their normal school days.
  • Parents/guardians must check ParentVue for routes for virtual students coming to TJMS for Monday SOL testing.

Where Do Students Go If Testing on A Monday?***Please remember to complete the pre-screening survey before arriving to school. 

  • BUS RIDERS will enter the school at DOOR 1- The main lobby. 
  • WALKERS, CYCLISTS AND CAR RIDERS will enter the school at DOOR 8, across from the soccer fields. 
  • TA teachers will help Yellow Jackets find their SOL testing dates and rooms through a link in their TA lesson.

What Time Can Students Leave After Testing on A Monday?Yellow Jacket may leave after testing, IF they have a note from a parent/guardian. 

  • Yellow Jackets can walk home or be picked up by a parent/guardian.
  • Parents/guardians MUST send a note on the day of the test, or email their Yellow Jacket’s teacher, administrator or counselor before Monday to leave after the test (around 11:00AM). 
  • Students testing on Monday will also have the option to take their yearbook photo after the test! 

Yellow Jackets who do not have a note, will have to wait for the buses to be dismissed, at 2:37PM. What Do Students Need to Bring to School on Mondays?

  • School issued charged iPad! That’s very important! 
  • A reusable water bottle for drink breaks. 
  • A lunch if lunch from home is preferred, but school free lunch will be available! Free breakfast will also be available.
  • Headphones
  • A note from home if they are going to walk home or be picked up by a parent/guardian after the test. (Only on Mondays!)