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Morning Announcements March 21, 2024

Today is an A Day!

From Ms. Taylor: Today’s National Drug and Alcohol Facts Week® Fact: Recognizing the signs of an opioid overdose is critical in saving someone’s life. The signs include small, constricted “pinpoint pupils”, falling asleep or losing consciousness in an unnatural setting, shallow or slowed breathing, gasping for air or sounding as though someone is snoring, cold or clammy skins; blue, gray, or ashen lips.

From Ms. Wall: Tomorrow is the next round of Jefferson’s Battle of the Books. You will watch the videos for the Elite 8 books and then vote for your favorite during TA.

From Ms. Wall: If you got a reminder that you have an overdue library book last week, we hope you remembered to bring it to school today. If you have it, please return your overdue book to the library right after morning announcements. If you forgot it today, make a reminder so you will bring it tomorrow! If it is lost, please come discuss it with us in the library. Overdues won’t just disappear—you need to follow through and take care of the problem.

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