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Morning Announcements June 14, 2024

Today is an Early Release Anchor Day!

From Ms. Wall:Please make sure to spend some time reading this summer!Ms. Wall is going to put information in Canvas TA Announcements and send students messages reminding you all how you can use all the apps since you are keeping your iPads this summer! All students and staff will have access all summer long to all of Jefferson’s free ebooks, audiobooks, magazines, and graphic novels and manga on your devices. Check out the document for help getting to Sora, MackinVia, Destiny Discover, and ComicsPlus!And the Arlington Public Library branches are looking forward to help you find books all summer long while your Jefferson Library is closed. Use your public libraries to check out books, do fun activities, and work on your summer reading.

Here’s a video from the Arlington Public Library about their summer reading program:https://youtu.be/X8ZqDFG4eaM?si=KddhpgweqBpUNflqNow here’s Ms. T Shepardson with a special announcement:

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