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Morning Announcements April 11, 2024

Today is an A Day!

From Ms. Black: Attention 7th graders:If you signed up for yearbook next year, you will need to complete an application in order to be enrolled in the class. Please grab an application from outside Ms. Black’s door and turn it back in to Ms. Black by April 19.

Here’s Madame Moran:[March Madness of French books (Manie Musicale); announce winners]https://youtu.be/CYQXwhBwWaA?si=ml6f_9UVCwNEZD6XI would like to start the video at 5:55

Here’s a special announcement:Hello, my name is HeeDoh, and I’m here to tell you that I will be hosting a fundraiser this Friday after school for my community project. I will be selling chips and soda for one dollar, as well as cookies for two dollars. All of the money raised will be donated to the Foundation for African Children Education (or FACE) which is a registered charity aiming to promote quality education and poverty eradication in Sub-Saharan and rural Africa. On a second note, as part of the raising awareness component to my project, I will have posters hung in the grade level hallways. The posters will provide a quick summary of my project and provide a QR code to a website that has more information on what you can do concerning this topic. With that being said, don’t forget to come to my fundraiser this Friday if you can. Thank you.

From Ms. Wall:Here are the results from last Friday’s Battle of the Books Final Four matches.Boys in the boat by Daniel James Brown won against Simon sort of says by Erin Bow and will move on to the final game.You know how we said that voting was close in the last round?  Well, things were even closer this time.

The other match, between You’re not supposed to die tonight by Kalynn Bayron and Mexikid by Pedro Martin, was a tie.  Both of these books will move on as well.So our Championship match this Friday will be a three-way match. Remember you can check out or put a hold so you can read any of these great titles.  Go to Sora or check with us in the Library!​

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