Michael A Musto Memorial Scholarship

On March 15th, 2020, Jefferson’s beloved 7th-grade Civics and Economics teacher Mr. Musto passed away following complications from surgery. Mr. Musto cared deeply about his students and tried to instill in them his love of history, a sense of curiosity, and the ability to be open-minded and see all sides of an issue.

In recognition of his 24+ years of teaching, the Musto family established the Michael A Musto Memorial Scholarship. Beginning this spring, a graduating Arlington County Public Schools student that demonstrates financial need and high achievement will be selected to receive a $2,000 scholarship for each year they are in college.  The Musto family hopes to inspire future teachers to help their students understand and contextualize history based on the world they are living in now. They wish to sponsor a new graduate every year.

This scholarship is administered by the Arlington Community Foundation, a nonprofit that manages over 70 scholarships for Arlington high school seniors. If you would like to read Mike’s scholarship page and/or are interested in contributing, please click here.