Message From Principal Boggan

Dear Thomas Jefferson Middle School Community, 

I know we are all shaken by the events that took place recently in Parkland, FL.  It is times like these that we worry about safety for our own children and pray that nothing like this ever comes to TJMS. I want to reassure the community that safety is our number one priority, and we do all that we can to maintain security in our building.  

All of our exterior doors are locked during the day. Our front door is opened when the bell rings at 7:40 AM and closed and locked once all students have entered.  All students enter into and dismiss from the building through the front doors. Tardy students are buzzed in.  Visitors to TJMS have to be buzzed in after being seen on our camera.  We have an electronic sign-in process for visitors, and all are required to wear a visitor sticker when they are in the building. Our front office staff is great about recognizing those who have valid reasons to be here, and question those whom they do not know before letting them go down a hallway. 

While it is an unfortunate necessity, we do practice safety drills throughout the year. Two Lock-down drills and a Secure the Building drill are among the drills practiced, so staff and students are prepared in the unlikely event such procedures need to be put into place.   

Each APS school has an SRO, or School Resource Officer, who is shared among a few schools. Our SRO, Cpl. Stewart, has attended school assemblies and events, and is recognized by staff and students. He works to ensure that safety processes exist and are in place and assists if anything needs to be done. 

It is heartbreaking to recognize that these are the times in which we live.  However, please know how seriously we take the safety of our kids and staff and work to keep them focused on our mission: 

Learning Together to Understand and Improve Ourselves, Our Futures and Our World.   

Keisha Boggan