Late Buses Begin on Monday!

Late buses will become available to Jefferson Students beginning on Monday, Sept 13th.  Any student staying for a supervised after-school activity, sports practice, or signed into the PRCR Office for Teens After-School Program can take late buses home.  The key is to make sure students come to the cafeteria with a pass (from club sponsor/adult supervisor) after their after-school activity has ended.  We will all board the late buses together beginning at 4:15 PM. A list of late bus routes/stops has been posted to canvas announcements for each grade level.  These route numbers are not the same as the normal AM/PM buses, so be sure to check them out.

Beginning on Monday:

6th Grade Boys Soccer Tryouts

Co-ed Tennis Tryouts for All Grades

Girls Ultimate Frisbee Tryouts

Soft Start of PRCR Office for Teens After School Program (Formal Start Date is Sept 20)