Kings Dominion Trip for 8th Graders – Online Payment Portal – DUE by MAY 31

Plans have been made for the end-of-year activities for our eighth graders.  For your planning purposes, they are described below.


A field trip to Kings Dominion is scheduled for Monday, June 12, 2023.  The cost per student is $65.00. Payment (check or money order should be made payable to Jefferson Middle School or use Online Payment Portal) and the signed field trip permission slip (see attached form) must be submitted by May 31, 2023. Payment and registration will take place on the following Mondays during TA: April 17, April 24 and May 1. Late registration will not be accepted. Please note that students going on this trip MUST RIDE THE CHARTERED BUSES TO AND FROM KINGS DOMINION PARK.  Season pass holders may use their passes for this activity and pay $35.00 for the bus In the event that a student must cancel plans, the student will be given their Kings Dominion park ticket which can be used through October 2023. Transportation expenses are paid in advance and cannot be refunded.  (This includes students who lose the privilege because of behavioral concerns.) Please also note that Kings Dominion does not provide a picnic area.  Therefore, students will be responsible for their own lunch and refreshment expenses.  If you would like your child to get a bag lunch from the cafeteria, please notify their TA teacher.  In order to meet park regulations, students with bag lunch will meet at a scheduled location; TJMS staff will supervise.  Appropriate attire is required.  Kings Dominion Park has outlined the following requirements: shoes, shirts, and pants, shorts, or skirts are required at all times.  Clothing which is too revealing is not permitted.  Suggestive or offensive wording or pictures on clothing is not permitted.  Bathing suits and swimming trunks may only be worn in the Water Park area.  Attendance will be checked in TA – then all students going on the trip will gather in the Theatre.  The charter buses will leave Thomas Jefferson at 8:30 AM and will return at approximately 5:00 PM.  Please make plans to pick up your child at that time.  Students MUST board the buses at 3:00 PM for the return trip home.  This departure time is not flexible.  In the event that a student has not boarded the bus by 3:30 PM, parents will be notified and the buses will depart on schedule for the return trip. VERY IMPORTANT:  TWO telephone numbers are required on each student’s permission form.  All information blanks must be completed. This is a regular school day for students who choose not to participate in this activity.


The eighth grade end-of-year dance will be held in the Thomas Jefferson Recreation Center on Tuesday, June 13, from 6:30-8:30 PMThis event is for Thomas Jefferson Middle School eighth graders only.  Students are also welcome to join us for a pasta dinner before the dance in the TJMS Library at 5:30-6:30 PM.  There will be a permission slip for the dinner and dance that will be given to students closer to that date.  Eighth graders who are attending the dinner will enter through the main entrance (Door #1) and proceed to the library.  Eighth graders who are only attending the dance will enter through the Thomas Jefferson Recreation Center (Door #12).  Formal attire is encouraged.


The annual Yearbook Signing Party is an in-school event. Eighth graders not attending the Hershey Park band trip will participate in a picnic on Friday, June 9 at 12:24 PM.  Hot dogs (beef, chicken, or tofu) will be provided, as well as drinks and chips.


You are invited to attend the Promotion Program on Wednesday, June 14, at 9:00 AM in the Thomas Jefferson Gymnasium.  Eighth grade students are expected to wear appropriate clothes for the promotion.  Doors will be open for parents at 8:00 AM (please enter through door number 12, which is the main entrance to the Rec Center).  Students have been asked to limit guests to three per family so everyone can sit safely and comfortably, as we will not have an overflow room.  A reception provided by the PTA will follow in the gymnasium.  Note: some students will be receiving awards during the Promotion Ceremony.   Eighth grade students can go home with their parents after the promotion and reception, or finish the school day and leave at the end of the day (2:24 PM).  If students decide to stay, they will need to follow their regular class schedule for the remainder of the day. One additional note: students will participate in promotion practice on the mornings of Friday, June 9  and Tuesday, June 13 at 8:30am.    End-of-year activities require a great deal of planning and cooperation on the part of faculty and students.  We all look forward to these exciting spring events and hope they will be memorable highlights of the school year.  If you have questions or require further information, please do not hesitate to call the Assistant Principal for 8th Grade, Mr. Robert Hanson at 703-228-5895 or email at