Join the Jefferson Bike Train!

BikeArlington is in the process of trying to put together bike trains for Arlington Schools.  Bike trains are comprised of students from the same school that ride on the same route to school.  Safety and strength in numbers!  If you have an interest in having your Jefferson student take part in this endeavor click on the links below for more information:

Bike Train Starter Program A Bike Train is a student-led group that rides their bikes together to school, while accompanied by adults. Bike Trains are a great way for students to start their day off with an activity, ride to school with friends, and have fun all while doing it. Plus, they make for a quick and easy commute to school for both students and parents. Sign up for a bike train at TJ:

Tips for Biking to School As students consider biking to school, inevitably many questions arise. “Where should I ride my bike? Where do I park my bike? How do I carry all of my stuff?” Find all the answers to your bike to school questions with these helpful video tips:

Navigating Arlington by Bike If you need help figuring out a bike route to school this year, BikeArlington will work with you to customize the best route to help your student enjoy their ride to TJ. Request a Customized Route to School. You can also use BikeArlington’s Bicycle Comfort Level Map to find low-stress level bike routes to school from anywhere in Arlington.

Contact Evelyn Murcia at BikeArlington for more information: