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Monday, December 3, 2018 – Friday, December 7, 2018

Welcome to December and Happy Hanukkah to all families that celebrate the Festival of Lights. Look for permission slips to the Outdoor Lab in the next few days. Monarch students will be going to the Outdoor Lab on December 19, 20, or 21, 2018. Please remind your student(s) to charge the iPad every night! We would appreciate any donations of tissues and pencils – our supplies are rapidly dwindling! Here is this week’s update:  

English In ELA this week, the students will spend class time creating their pathos, logos, and ethos paragraphs for their persuasive speech. It is imperative that students work on this project in a timely fashion and submit their work, in parts, on time! All students will have 2 class periods of in-class work on each paragraph portion. Any time needed beyond that to finish, should be done at home. This speech will eventually be recorded (outside of class on their iPad) into a podcast and will be due before winter break. The final summative project (recorded podcast) is due Tuesday, December 17. Next week on Monday, Dec. 10, the students will visit the library for the TJ book fair. If students want to make purchases, they’ll need to bring money on that day, or purchase on their own time sometime the week of December 10.
Ms. Polek
Mr. Carter & Mr. Dow – This week the students will build on the expertise they built on graphing lines from equations. We are going to be working reverse, so from the graph, or points on the graph, students will write the equations. We will again have a mini-quiz checking their skills on Friday 12/7.Students should, as always, complete 5 lessons on Dreambox!
Mr. Busby Intensified Algebra Monday: Standard form HW: Video-Parallel and Perpendicular lines Tuesday: Parallel and Perpendicular lines HW: Practice Wednesday: Parallel and Perpendicular lines HW: Practice Thursday: Review for the quiz HW: Quiz review Friday: Quiz HW: Video- Direct Variation Pre-Algebra Monday: Solve multi-step Inequalities combining like terms HW: Practice sheet Tuesday: Solve multi-step inequalities distributing HW: Practice sheet Wednesday: Solve multi-step inequalities HW: Practice sheet Thursday: Solve multi-step inequalities variables on both sides HW: Quiz review Friday: Review Unit test Tuesday 
 Mrs. Kramer’s Intensified Algebra: We are continuing with writing linear equations this week: Standard Form and Perpendicular and Parallel Lines. We will have quiz #2 on standard form and parallel and perpendicular lines on Friday, Dec. 7th.  Please continue working on Dream Box; however, because so many students are having issues with connecting to home wifi, I am checking hours but not penalizing you for not having it done this week. Tentatively, unit exam on writing linear equations will be the week of 12th of Dec.  Mrs. Kramer’s Pre-Algebra 8: We will continue with solving and graphing multi-step linear inequalities. We will have our unit test on Tuesday, Dec. 11th over solving and graphing linear inequalities. Please continue working on Dream Box; however, because so many students are having issues with connecting to home wifi, I am checking hours but not penalizing you for not having it done this week. Don’t forget to be checking Canvas for copy of notes and any announcements. Classwork (any problems not completed in class) needs to be finished nightly at home!  
Math 7  We are still working on proportional reasoning, in particular with word problem applications.  Percent proportions will be introduced this week with taxes, discounts, and tips. Within this consumer math concepts, students will apply real-world concepts.
Science Science News:  The Monarch 7th Grade annual field trip to the Outdoor Lab is approximately 2 weeks away!  Today, December 3rd, students will receive their color-coded field trip slips (based on the date of their class trip)* and are asked to return the completed, signed forms to Ms. Vernier as soon as possible!  (Absolute deadline for all submitted forms is this Friday, December 7th).  This one day trip is a highly anticipated outdoor learning experience and one that you won’t want your child to miss.  Please visit Arlington Public School’s Outdoor Lab website for more information including inclement weather policy, appropriate outerwear and cook-out menus: . *[Trip dates/class:  Wednesday, Dec. 19th = Ms. Vernier’s 8th Period (with Mr. Golden’s 8th Pd); Thursday, Dec. 20th = Ms. Vernier’s 1st and 2nd Periods;  Friday, Dec. 21st = Ms. Vernier’s 6th and 7th Periods].
Social Studies: Students are exploring the three types of businesses, entrepreneurs, John D. Rockefeller and Standard Oil, and finally the ways that business compete in the US this week. Students will take a short unit test on the Economic portion of this unit next week (probably on Thursday, December 13, 2018)  and then complete the Captain of Industry of Robber Baron Performance Assessment Task (PAT).
Yearbook Staff:  Yearbooks are $35 and students can buy them at any point of the year online at or on a paper form directly to Ms. Lucia. We would really appreciate it. – Thanks from the Yearbook Staff.


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