Monarchs Team – 7th Grade

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Tuesday, February 19, 2019 – Friday, February 22, 2019

Just a few reminders and one new item this week. Student Led conferences are scheduled to be held on Friday, March 8, 2019. The Conference Scheduler link is on the front of the TJMS website. The log in is parent and the password is jefferson. (both are all lowercase) Please go in and schedule your student’s conference. It is very important that all students bring their fully charged iPad to school each and every day. If a student does not have their iPad and the iPad is not in for repair the student will not have access to technology. The only students that will have access to laptops are students whose iPads are in for repair (yes, I know this is repetitive but we need everyone to understand the process). Here is this week’s update: 

English  – This week in ELA, students will begin the novel, Ghost Boys, by Jewell Parker Rhodes. The students will read the novel quietly while I play the audiobook. We will finish the book this week and engage in discussion and activities about the book. Students will also continue working on showing understanding of the reading strategy: making connections. We will do work related to that strategy on Friday. Please remind your student to charge his/her iPad each evening. Additionally, many students need to restock their school supplies of paper and pencils. I would gladly accept more donations of pencils and tissues. We can never have enough of those! Thank you again to the families who’ve donated. It’s greatly appreciated.
Science: This week the Monarch science students will be introduced to the new Genetics unit via multi-modal activities and learning opportunities.  First, by playing “GENE-O” (a genetic variation of bingo), the students will demonstrate Mendel’s Law of Independent assortment by selecting their own individual inherited traits, while random traits will be announced. Later, the students will also boost fine motor skills by constructing a block model of DNA structure and replication, that will include components such as complementary base pairs, nucleotides, as well as the directionality of DNA—the fact that the two strands of DNA run in opposite directions to each other.
Pre-Algebra 7-8 with Mr. Dow and Mr. Carter: We will be testing on expressions, equations and inequalities on Thursday and Friday. Prior to exam we will continue work on substituting quantities for given variables, evaluating equations and expressions, and writing inequalities that model real-world situations. Students should continue to work on a minimum of 5 lessons on DreamBox each week.
Mr. Busby Intensified Algebra Monday: Holiday Tuesday: Solving systems of inequalities HW: Practice Wednesday: Solving systems of inequalities HW: Practice Thursday: Absolute value inequalities HW: Practice Friday: Absolute value inequalities HW: PracticeTest Tuesday or Wednesday next week Pre-Algebra Monday: Holiday Tuesday: Pythagorean Theorem word problems HW: Practice Wednesday: Review for the test HW: Test review Thursday: Finish review/start test HW: Test review Friday: Finish test
Mrs. Kramer’s Algebra 1: Intensified Algebra: We are finishing this week with Unit 6 over systems of inequalities and absolute value inequalities. Unit 6 is currently scheduled for Wednesday, Feb. 27th.  Pre-Algebra 8: We are finishing with Unit 5 this week. We are going over Pythagorean Theorem this week and unit 5 exam will be Friday, Feb. 22. Interim grades are coming up soon.  Make sure you are check Student Vue and Canvas for current grades and assignments. All test corrections need to be done during YJP or after school. 
Math 7 : We will be taking a Probability Unit assessment on Thursday. A study guide will be given at the beginning of the week. Students should continue completing 5 Dreambox lessons a week.
Social Studies: We are finishing up Changes Abroad and Changes at Home – WWI and the Roaring Twenties. The ATL notebooks are due today! Students will work on their Timeline Slide and Choice Project – this is the only time they will have in class to work on these projects. The due date for the assignments is TODAY! There is a quiz on Wednesday on the American Economy and then we will start our next unit, The Great Depression. The Timeline Slide and the Choice Board assignments will close on Friday, February 22, 2019, and they will not be reopened – students need to get the work done and use the time they are given in class wisely! 
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