Math Inventory

Grade Teacher
6th Grade Celestino Samaniego, Mathieu Bee, Nicci Gibson Williams, Amy Yosick
7th Grade Nigel Somerville, Kipchoge Dow, Zachary Carter, Eileen Temprosa
8th Grade Caitlin Rotchford, Jessica Kramer, Jason Busby, Lei Shang


APS periodically completes formative assessments that are nationally normed in order to support individual student needs.  The Math Inventory (MI) assessment is a low-stakes, classroom-based, computer-adaptive universal screener and progress monitoring tool. The MI assesses student performance in five strands of mathematics: Number and Operations, Geometry, Measurement, Algebra, and Data Analysis and Probability.  Student results are reported using a measure called the Quantile, which indicates how well a student understands mathematical skills and concepts along a developmental continuum. Math Inventory is currently designed to measure a student’s location on the Quantile Framework within their grade-level.  While the assessment also spans grades, the precision of the tool is focused inside of grade-level content.



MI Briefing Document


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