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Famous scientists

Neil Armstrong (astronaut; first man to walk on the moon)

Benjamin Banneker (the Farmers’ Almanac)

Olive Ann Beech (Beech aircraft)

Alexander Graham Bell (telephone)

Elizabeth Blackwell (first woman doctor)

Rachel Carson (founder of the environmental movement)

George Washington Carver (one of the nation’s most famous agricultural scientists)

Rebecca J. Cole (the second United States African American woman physician and the first Black woman to graduate from the Woman’s Medical College in Pennsylvania)

Martin Cooper (modern cell phone)

Nicolas Copernicus (heliocentric view of universe)

Jacques Cousteau (aqualung; oceanographer)

Marie Curie (radioactivity; discovered 2 elements on the periodic table)

George Eastman (dry-plate process for photography)

Thomas Alva Edison (phonograph; light bulb)

Albert Einstein (Theory of Relativity)

Gertrude Belle Elion (anti-leukemia drugs)

Michael Faraday (law of induction; magnetism)

Carlos Juan Finlay (identified mosquito as carrier of yellow fever)

Alexander Fleming (penicillin)

Alice Fletcher (anthropologist

Benjamin Franklin (bifocals)

Rosalind Franklin (pioneer of molecular biology)

Galileo Galilei (telescope)

Bill Gates (MS-DOS: Microsoft Disk Operating System)

Jane Goodall (studied the behavior of chimpanzees in the wild; animal biologist)

Bette Nesmith Graham (liquid paper)

Edmund Halley (comets, diving bells)

Robert Hooke (Hooke’s law of elasticity; the cell)

Edwin Hubble (astronomer; determined the age of the universe)

Steve Irwin (The Crocodile Hunter; conservationist; television host)

Zacharias Janssen (the electron microscope)

Mae C. Jemison (Astronaut, Physician)

Dr. Edward Jenner (small pox vaccine)

Steven Paul Jobs (Apple computer)

Samuel F. B. Morse (telegraph/code)

Isaac Newton (laws of motion)

Florence Nightingale (pioneer of nursing and a reformer of hospital sanitation methods)

Ellen Ochoa (invented optical analysis systems and was also the first Hispanic female astronaut)

Louis Pasteur (pasteurization)

Sally Ride (first woman in space; astronaut)

Wilhelm Conrad Rontgen (discovered x-rays)

Percy L. Spencer (microwave oven)

Nikola Tesla (rotating magnetic field principle)

James Watt (steam engine)

Dr. Daniel Hale Williams (Provident Hospital; first open heart surgery)

Wilbur Wright (first in flight; airplane)

Orville Wright (first in flight; airplane)

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