Library Newsletter

It’s hard to believe the first quarter is behind us.  The library was extremely busy 1st quarter hosting orientations for every student at Jefferson.  The focus on this year’s orientation was teaching students to access our online card catalog, Destiny Discover, our digital book collection, and our databases through Canvas.  This new feature allows 24/7 easy access to library resources.

Remember that student iPads (or any student device, really) can be used to access our great collection of e-books and e-audiobooks for free.  When students search in Destiny Discover and find a digital book to read or listen to, they tap on Check Out.  Then they will either go to their Mackin or to Destiny Read app to download so they can read/listen without needing wifi.  Students were shown and set up with their apps during orientations, but they should come chat with us in the library again if they have questions.

Because of the great success from last year, we have continued our online magazine subscriptions through Flipster! Follow the steps below to get access:

  1. Download Flipster from the app catalog
  2. When you are prompted to Find my library, make sure you type Jefferson Middle and pick the one in Arlington, VA
  3. User name: jeffersonmiddle Password: [contact your librarians]

*** Don’t forget to include the exclamation mark in your password***

The Library Canvas Course is up and running.  This course provides information to help students with research, finding a book to read next, and getting notifications about events happening in the library.  The library staff is also using the Canvas Course to message students about overdue books.

TAB (Teen Advisory Board) Club started in October and is off to a fantastic start.  This year we have 80 students participating.  TAB meets every other Wednesday in the library during student lunches.  During our meetings, students share and recommend books to the group.  At the conclusion of the school year, TAB members vote on the year’s top ten favorite books.  This list is shared with the Arlington Public Library.  On Wednesday November 20th TAB members will travel to Swanson and have the opportunity to meet and listen to Ibi Zoboi talk about her book My life as an ice cream sandwich.

Every month the library hosts a program called “Crafting During Lunch,” which gives students opportunities to design and create.  During our first event this year, students worked with paper circuits to create spiders with eyes that light up.  The next event will take place after Thanksgiving and students will construct duct tape pencil cases.

The library welcomed 7th graders to the library during science project research.  We reminded students how to access online encyclopedias and databases using Canvas.  Students also updated their NoodleTools accounts for the new year (going in through Canvas) and practiced citing sources using the APA format.  Writing a bibliography is *so* much easier than it was when their teachers were in school!!

Finally, thank you to everyone who shopped at our book fair.  The money raised goes right back to the library.