About Megan Detweiler – Resource Teacher for the Gifted

About Megan Detweiler - Resource Teacher for the Gifted

Hello and welcome to the 2022-2023 school year at Jefferson Middle School. I am Megan Detweiler, resource teacher for the gifted (RTG). I am a graduate of the University of Wisconsin-Madison and hold my gifted endorsement from the College of William and Mary. My teaching experience includes five years of teaching middle school science, social studies, and English in Phoenix, AZ, and six years of teaching middle school English in Alexandria and Arlington. This is my fifth year as RTG at Jefferson. I live in Arlington with my husband and three kids (11, 8, 5).

At Jefferson there are over 350 students identified as gifted. As an RTG I am dedicated to serving these students and I am committed to developing talent and fostering potential in students who may not be identified as gifted yet. It is my philosophy that the APS model for gifted education is best practice for most of our students. I feel that most students benefit from critical thinking opportunities, rigorous curriculum, and engaging interaction strategies.

Due to the large number of students identified as gifted, your students will not have me as a core teacher, nor will I pull small groups of students. I work largely as an instructional coach, as a co-teacher, and as a facilitator of professional development. If your child is identified as gifted, their teachers will have knowledge of the APS gifted model and will employ the APS critical and creative thinking framework throughout the year and across content areas.