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The annual Jefferson Holiday Fundraiser has returned!  We are trying to raise $5000.00 to help families in need as we enter the winter season.  This year we are using a third party for our wreaths and garland.  Items shipped through this seller will be shipped directly to your house.  No more pine needles all over your car! Poinsettias can be purchased through Jefferson (as in the past).  They will be delivered here on Monday, Dec. 4th.  Payment for poinsettias can be made by credit card through the link below or you can email your order to jeremy.siegel@apsva.us and drop a check off at Jefferson.  Poinsettia orders must be placed by November 8th.

The ordering system for poinsettias is a little bulky.  To purchase multiple quantities of the same item choose the correct quantity at the bottom of the page first, then click on the item you which to purchase.  Add that to the cart then “Select More Items” to return to the previous page and put more items in your cart.  Jefferson does not get a choice about what service we use to process payments (otherwise we could have gone with something easy!)  If you wish to pay by check just advise item/color/quantity in an email to jeremy.siegel@apsva.us and drop a check off at Jefferson (based on the online price list).  If you desire delivery (local zip codes to Jefferson) please send an email to jeremy.siegel@apsva.us

Confused?  DO NOT HESITATE TO EMAIL jeremy.siegel@apsva.us for assistance.  Don’t let the awkward ordering turn you away!

Here’s the link for poinsettia ordering: Click Here

To order wreaths (immediate delivery, ongoing sale for the next 45 days):  Click Here