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Welcome to The Dragon’s Lair.  We are delighted that your student is a part of our team. This website will serve as the primary source for team announcements. We will update this website weekly.

Week of 5/20/19 – 5/24/19

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English Language Arts

HW: Read for thirty minutes every night. Please bring your book with you every day. This is the only homework I give you, so the expectation is that you are actually doing it! Let me know if you need help finding books.

In-class: Students will finish up their SOL preparation during the first half of this week. The Reading SOL is on Wednesday. Then, students will begin their final unit centered around The Outsiders and themes of belonging.


This week in science class, students will begin their problem-based project for the ecology unit. Students will investigate the ecological and economic impact of Amazon HQ2 on their community (both positive and negative).

There will be a Life Science Benchmark on the May 20. This does not count as a grade.

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Math: Please contact your child’s math teacher.

Week 5/20/19

Pre-Algebra 7-8 with Mr. Carter or Mr. Dow: Pre-Algebra 7-8 is continuing to review for the SOL. We are focusing classroom activities to allow students to choose areas that their pre-assessment data from the Test Nav practice showed they might need work on. Students can access all study materials through Canvas. Either Mr. Dow or Mr. Carter (or both) will be available for extra help after school  daily except Wednesday, and during lunch daily (by appointment).

Math 7, Mr. Dow, MS. Williams, Mr. Somerville: Classes are continuing to strengthen understanding of Math 7 concepts. Students should be able to access test questions and the Desmos calculator via TestNav on the iPad. Please make sure students come to school every day with their iPads charged. The Math 7 SOL is scheduled for June 6th. The teachers are offering SOL review opportunities for interested students after school on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays through June 5th in Mr. Somerville’s or  Ms. Williams’ room and on Saturday,  June 1 from 9am to 12 pm (meet in the lobby). In addition, Math Clinic is available to all students on Wednesdays in Mr. Busby’s room.

Mrs. Kramer’s Intensified Algebra 1: We are completing our unit exam over polynomials today. We start our final unit over quadratics tomorrow. Any missing assessments in grade book need to be completed by Thursday! Algebra SOL Boot Camp has begun. It will be held in Ms. Rotchford’s room on Thursdays after school.

Mrs. Kramer’s Pre Algebra 8: Unit exam over transformations and composite figures will be on Wednesday, May 1. Thursday we will begin our final unit over 3D Shapes. If you have not completed your quiz from before Spring Break, it needs to be completed no later than Thursday!SOL Boot Camp will be held Thursday and Friday this week after school in Room 241 from 2:30 to 3:30. If you would like to improve your SOL score from last year, now is the time. Snacks provided!!

Ms. McMorrow’s Civics, History and Economics

Monday:In class, students reviewed the Executive Branches of the local, state, and federal governments and took a Canvas Quiz to review for SOLs.

Tuesday:In class, students reviewed the Legislative Branches of the local, state, and federal governments and took a Canvas Quiz to review for SOLs.

Wednesday:In class, students reviewed the Judicial Branches of the local, state, and federal governments and took a Canvas Quiz to review for SOLs.

Thursday:In class, students reviewed Individuals Rights and Responsibilities of Citizenship and took a Canvas Quiz to review for SOLs.

Friday:In class, students reviewed Founding Documents from 6th Grade and took a Canvas Quiz to review for SOLs.

Counselor’s Corner 

As students begin SOLs this week, we remind them to bring their iPad fully charged every day. Let’s also remind them to recharge themselves every day! As we discussed in classroom meetings last week, it is important to maintain good sleeping habits, especially the week of the test.

Maintaining a healthy diet and regaining a calm attitude when you’re getting stressed are equally important to staying “charged” and doing well.

As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me at 703-228-8779 or susan.russo@apsva.us.

7th Grade School Counselor



Clan Leaders 

Peter Andersonpeter.anderson@apsva.us Language Arts

Traci Holland-Shufordtraci.holland@apsva.us  Life Science

Maureen McMorrowmaureen.mcmorrow@apsva.us US Civics, Economics and History

Kipchoge Dowkipchoge.dow@apsva.us  Math

Emily Calhounemily.calhoun@apsva.us Special Education

Cassidy Nolencassidy.nolen@apsva.us Technical Education

Iris Jonesiris.jones@apsva.us HILT A

Jeffrey Lashjeffrey.lash@apsva.us HILT A

Reema Chawlareema.chawla@apsva.us HILT B


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