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Welcome to The Dragon’s Lair.  We are delighted that your student is apart of our team. This website will serve as the primary source for team announcements. We will update this website weekly.

Week of 1/7/19 – 1/11/19

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English Language Arts

HW: Read for thirty minutes every night. Please bring your book with you every day. This is the only homework I give you, so the expectation is that you are actually doing it! Let me know if you need help finding books.

In-class: Students will be taking a stand on this week’s School Board vote to change the name of Washington-Lee high school to Washington-Loving high school. Then they will begin identifying an issue they would like to improve or change at TJ.


We are busy at work on our Problem Based Learning Unit. Students truly enjoyed reading the Hot Zone. This week we will be examining Cellular Structure and Function while creating cell analogies. We will begin our culminating Hot Zone project.


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Math: Please contact your child’s math teacher.

Pre-Algebra 7-8

Week of 1/7 – 1/11

Mr. Dow and Mr. Carter:

Classes will be collecting the review sheet assigned before break, due on Wednesday 1/9. We are starting Unit 4: Expressions, Equations, and Inequalities. With the new year it is a good time to remember students should be completing 5 Dreambox lessons every week. Students can also refer to Canvas for any missed classes.

Math 7:

Math 7 students will continue to explore concepts of functions and input/output tables. Due to the snow days, the test on Functions will be Wednesday. Students should continue to work on 5 Dreambox lessons.

Mrs. Kramer’s Algebra 1: We are starting system of equations this week. We will have a quiz on Friday, 1/11/19, over solving systems of equations by graphing and using substitution.

Mrs. Kramer’s Pre-Algebra 8: We are finishing unit 3 this week on scatterplots and line of best fit. We will have our unit exam on Friday, 1/11/19 over box and whisker plots and scatterplots.

Ms. McMorrow’s Civics, History and Economics

Week of January 14th

Monday- SNOW DAY

Tuesday- SNOW DAY

Wednesday (Half Day)- In class, we prepared for tomorrow’s UNIT TEST on the Progressive Era.

Thursday- What were the causes of WWI? In class, we completed ATL 1 using History Alive. For HW, students will analyze a 1914 map of Europe on ATL 2

Friday-  What was trenchwarefare? In class, we completed ATL 3. For HW, students will analyze a WWI letter for their document study on ATL 4.

Counselor’s Corner

The School Counseling Team will be resuming the opportunity for students called “Tranquil Tuesdays.” Every Tuesday during lunch, a quiet space will be offered to students where they can practice “Mindful Moments”—focusing on the present and decreasing stress. Here’s the mindfulness tip for the week from “Mindfulness Matters”:“Look around the room. Make up a story with the things you see. Use as many of the sights, objects, and colors as possible.” 

Also, believe it or not, it is already time to start thinking about Course Requests for 8th Grade! I will be going into classrooms during January and the beginning of February to discuss options with students. As we talk about 8th grade, we will also continue looking at our academic plans through high school. As always, please let me know if you have any questions!

7th Grade School Counselor



Clan Leaders 

Peter Andersonpeter.anderson@apsva.us Language Arts

Traci Holland-Shufordtraci.holland@apsva.us  Life Science

Maureen McMorrowmaureen.mcmorrow@apsva.us US Civics, Economics and History

Kipchoge Dowkipchoge.dow@apsva.us  Math

Emily Calhounemily.calhoun@apsva.us Special Education

Cassidy Nolencassidy.nolen@apsva.us Technical Education

Iris Jonesiris.jones@apsva.us HILT A

Jeffrey Lashjeffrey.lash@apsva.us HILT A

Reema Chawlareema.chawla@apsva.us HILT B


Weekly Updates

  • We will be attending a field trip to the Outdoor Lab on December 10,11 and 13. Students will be attending based on their Science Class.
  • Parent volunteers are always welcome to chaperone any field trips. If you are interested in volunteering please contact Mrs. Holland-Shuford.  All volunteers must undergo a district-mandated background check. 
  • BOOK FAIR  ON WEDNESDAY Plese bring cash .