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Welcome to The Dragon’s Lair.  We are delighted that your student is a part of our team. This website will serve as the primary source for team announcements. We will update this website weekly.


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ScienceScreen Shot 2018-09-12 at 12.33.05 PM We are coming to the conclusion of the Ecology unit. Please see the calendar below for upcoming due dates.  

It’s science fair time again:

The science fair project consists of six phases:

Due Date
Phase 1: Science fair contracts due Science research project title and brief description due (including independent variable, dependent variable, constants, control. Friday, October 4
Phase 2: Research questions-   Students are to develop and research 10-20 questions about their selected topics.  Students must have a minimum of 5 APA Friday, October 11
Phase 3: Design Diagram uploaded to Canvas Monday, October 14
Phase 4: Introduction  & Bibliography (APA) Wednesday, October 30
Phase 5: Procedure & Data table layout due  with 5 resources Monday, November 4
Phase 6: Proposals Due November 22


Civics Economics and US History (Maureen.mcmorrow@apsva.us)

Dear Students,

Our Distance learning will be online on Canvas. Each Sunday, I will post your activities for the week on the announcements page. As always, feel free to email me or message me on Canvas for any questions. Be kind to your families, help around the house, and read read read!

Ms. McMorrow


English – Week of March 9, 2020

Students should read for 30 minutes every night for their homework. This is the main homework I will assign, so the expectation is that students are doing it. I am happy to make recommendations.

Students are beginning their next unit: Growing as Readers. Students have selected engaging and challenging books. Next, students will begin interrogating their reading process. Students will spend this week reading their books, tracking their confusion, and working through plot basics.


Week of March 9 

Pre-Algebra 7/8

Students will compare and contrast quadrilaterals based on their properties, create and solve algebraic equations that describe unknown side lengths or angle measures of quadrilaterals. Additionally, students will use the relationships among pairs of angles that are vertical angles, adjacent angles, supplementary angles, and complementary angles to determine the measure of unknown angles.

Students are reminded to complete the required five DreamBox lessons each week.

Math 7:

Math 7 will continue their unit on Probability. Students will investigate and describe the difference between the experimental probability and theoretical probability. They will collect and represent data graphically. As always students are responsible for 5 DreamBox lessons each week.

Students hoping to take Algebra next year are recommended to take the enrichment course “Intro to Algebra” over the summer. Please see the summer school manual. The deadline to register is May 1st.


English Language Development (ELD)

As distance learning is tough but I would like to remind my students to be in touch with me, should they have any questions. Here is a message from our librarian.

Students and Families— Keep Reading. It’s important for all students to keep reading while we are all at home. Reading reduces stress, helps you sleep better, improves health, makes you smarter, develops your imagination, and is fun.  We wanted to make sure that you all know the options available to students online. In the Quick Links of each of Jefferson’s grade-level TA Canvas courses, we have put a document called “Jefferson Library Online Resources (with login information).” This sheet lists, in one place, how and where to find e-books, e-audiobooks, and e-magazines that can be checked out and downloaded onto student devices.  We also explain how to access online encyclopedias.  Students should have the apps they need; this document should help refresh their memories. The Arlington Public Library has a bigger collection of digital books than we do.  With a public library card, you can check out e-books and e-audiobooks using the Overdrive or Libby apps. Audible has made a collection of audiobooks for kids and teens free to stream and listen to.  You don’t need an account to start listening.  Go tohttps://stories.audible.com/start-listen Battle of the Books. We are continuing to vote to decide Jefferson’s Battle of the Books 2020 Champion.  For the next 2 weeks, students will get a Canvas announcement introducing them to the books battling that day and with a link to go vote.  We are at our Elite Eight now. Spring Reading Challenge. Just a reminder: The Jefferson building is closed. Please don’t worry about any books that have become overdue.  Just keep them safe at home, for now, …we will see you and your books when school reopens. Students, please feel free to contact us by Canvas message if you have any library questions or issues.

From March 23rd to March 27th, students in ELD Reading (level 3-4), will be learning and revisiting various narrative elements, themes, summarization, and will be spiraling poetry unit. Towards the end of this week, students will be able to solidify their learning of previous units. Each day, virtual feedback would be provided in Canvas even during the weekends

Students were given Early Spring Break Reading packets and a new book on Friday. Also, the packet of Early Spring Break is embedded on the Home page of their Canvas Reading course. Starting on Monday, April 3rd, students will be reading Other Words For Home by Jasmine Warga for 10 minutes each day.

From March 23rd to March 27th, ELD English (level 3-4) students will be comparing and contrasting Commonly Confused words, revisiting grammar skills, & analyzing and demonstrating their understanding of a Five-Paragraph Persuasive Essay with a special focus on the Introductory paragraph: Hook, Background Sentences, Summary Sentence, & Thesis Statement. Daily feedback will be given, even on the weekend.

Students were given Early Spring Break English packets on Friday and the same is embedded on the Home page of their Canvas English course. Additionally, students will be working on noredink.com on a daily basis.




Clan Leaders 

Peter Andersonpeter.anderson@apsva.us Language Arts

Traci Holland-Shufordtraci.holland@apsva.us  Life Science

Maureen McMorrowmaureen.mcmorrow@apsva.us US Civics, Economics and History

Kipchoge Dowkipchoge.dow@apsva.us  Math 7 and Pre-Algebra 7/8

Emily Calhounemily.calhoun@apsva.us Special Education

Cassidy Nolencassidy.nolen@apsva.us Technical Education

Iris Jonesiris.jones@apsva.us SLIFE/ELD 1

Britney Patterson – britney.patterson@apsva.us Physical Education

Reema Chawlareema.chawla@apsva.us ELD 3 and 4

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