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Welcome to The Dragon’s Lair.  We are delighted that your student is a part of our team. This website will serve as the primary source for team announcements. We will update this website weekly.

ScienceScreen Shot 2018-09-12 at 12.33.05 PMBy today’s date, October 21, 2019 all students should have  completed and submitted via Canvas, Phases 1 and 2 of the Independent Research Project.   We will work on phase 3 in science class this week

It’s science fair time again:

The science fair project consists of six phases:

Due Date
Phase 1: Science fair contracts due Science research project title and brief description due (including independent variable, dependent variable, constants, control. Friday, October 4
Phase 2: Research questions-   Students are to develop and research 10-20 questions about their selected topics.  Students must have a minimum of 5 APA Friday, October 11
Phase 3: Design Diagram uploaded to Canvas Monday, October 14
Phase 4: Introduction  & Bibliography (APA) Wednesday, October 30
Phase 5: Procedure & Data table layout due  with 5 resources Monday, November 4
Phase 6: Proposals Due November 15


Civics Economics and History (with Ms. McMorrow)

Monday: No School. Veterans Day.

Tuesday: What changes did industrialization bring? In class, students used charts and graphs to measure population, labor, production and trader after the Civil War. No HW.

Wednesday: How did the rise of big business change America? In class, students completed ATL 9 and 10.

Thursday: How does the federal government promote competition? In class, students watched a video about Rockefeller/Ida Tarbell and completed ATL 11. For HW, students must complete the document study on ATL 12.

Friday: How did industrialization contribute to the global economy? In class, students completed ATL 13 and 14. UNIT TEST on Wednesday. Our next DBQ begins right after the test.



English – Week of October 28, 2019

Students should read for 30 minutes every night for their homework. This is the main homework I will assign, so the expectation is that students are doing it. I am happy to make recommendations.

Students are beginning their portfolio websites this week. They are creating private sites on Weebly. Then they will be adding in pictures and links to what they’ve done and reflections on what they’ve learned.

The portfolio is due at the end of the day on Monday, November 4th. This is marked in the Canvas calendar.


Pre-Algebra 7/8:

Pre-Algebra 7/8 students will finish the Quarter 1 Benchmark and will review scientific notation before focusing on real-world applications of Pythagorean Theorem.

Additionally, students are required to complete a minimum number of 5 lessons on DreamBox each week.

 Math 7:

Math 7 will finish the Quarter 1 Benchmark Assessment. We will begin our unit on Proportional Reasoning. Please stay tuned for information about our culminating experience: 7th Grade Pot-luck which will take place the week before Winter Break! Students should continue to complete 5 Dreambox assignments this week.


English Language Development (ELD)

This week students in ELD Reading (level 3-4), will be wrapping up their short realistic narrative Lafff by practicing their reading strategies and comprehension in their Inside soft practice books. ELD English (level 3-4) students will be revisiting their persuasive writing components via peer-self-review techniques.

Summative Assessments for this week/quarter: End-of-the-Unit test on Lafff on Wednesday, 10/30/19 and Thursday, 10/31/19 and polishing and refining their realistic narratives by choosing a paragraph to Explode a Moment on Friday, 11/1/19 and Monday, 11/4/19. In English ELD, level 3-4 class, students will be taking a test on Nouns, Pronouns, and Verbs and finalizing their Emotional Appeals on Is Homework Necessary?



Clan Leaders 

Peter Andersonpeter.anderson@apsva.us Language Arts

Traci Holland-Shufordtraci.holland@apsva.us  Life Science

Maureen McMorrowmaureen.mcmorrow@apsva.us US Civics, Economics and History

Kipchoge Dowkipchoge.dow@apsva.us  Math 7 and Pre-Algebra 7/8

Emily Calhounemily.calhoun@apsva.us Special Education

Cassidy Nolencassidy.nolen@apsva.us Technical Education

Iris Jonesiris.jones@apsva.us SLIFE/ELD 1

Britney Patterson – britney.patterson@apsva.us Physical Education

Reema Chawlareema.chawla@apsva.us ELD 3 and 4

Weekly Updates
Weekly Updates