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Welcome to The Dragon’s Lair.  We are delighted that your student is apart of our team. This website will serve as the primary source for team announcements. We will update this website weekly.

Week of 11/05/8 – 11/09/18

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English Language Arts

HW: Read for thirty minutes every night. Please bring your book with you every day. This is the only homework I give you, so the expectation is that you are actually doing it! Let me know if you need help finding books.

In-class: Students will be completing and turning in their Q1 Portfolios today. Please ask your child to tell you about it! The rest of this week will be spent cleaning house in preparation for Q2. Students will be completing a survey about class (a detailed feedback tool I use to help me continuously improve class), taking a writing assessment, and reading.



Period 1 

This week in science class, we will demonstrate an understanding of scientific and engineering practices by taking metric measurements using appropriate tools and technologies including the use of microscopes.

Tuesday –  Converted metric units

Wednesday Thursday – Practice reading a graduated cylinders

Friday-  Length and Mass measurement

 SOL LS 1(B)

Periods 2,6,7,8 

The student will investigate and understand that there are levels of structural organization in living things, patterns of cellular organization support life processes; unicellular and multicellular organism

SOL LS  LS 3 (a, c)

Tuesday– Notes on the Characteristics of Life w/ video on Canvas

Wednesday-  Characteristics mini project

Thursday- Project Due


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Math: Please contact your child’s math teacher.

Pre-Algebra 7-8

Pre-Algebra 7-8 (Dow and Carter) Week of 11/5-11/9 We are continuing Unit 3. We will test on the first part on Thursday and Friday 11/15 and 11/16. We have covered Rates, Ratios, Proportions, and Percentages. This week we will cover calculating tax, tip, and discount and finding sides and angles of similar shapes. Students should be prepared for a short quiz on Friday. A quick reminder, students should be completing 5 lessons weekly in Dream Box. Students are also able to check Canvas for missing notes or work.


Math 7:

Math 7 will have a unit test on November 5, 2018. The Quarter 1 Benchmark test will continue on November 7, 2018. Students should continue to complete 5 Dreambox lessons each week. Students should turn in all missing work before the first quarter ends on November 5, 2018.


Math Strategies 6-8:

will continue to review current and past math concepts. We will also review foundational math skills.

Intensified Algebra I

Great job on Quarter 1! I am so proud of each students! This week, we are taking and completing the Quarter 1 Benchmark. Review will be sent home Monday. By Friday, we will continue with Functions.  REMINDER: Dream Box is due weekly. Please check CANVAS daily for all updates and assignments.


Ms. Civics, History, and Economics

Week of November 12th

Monday- Veterans Day  NO SCHOOL

Tuesday Wednesday Thursday

In class, students are working on their Choice and Voice Projects which are due Friday.

Students will take on the role of an immigrant to demonstrate their understanding of the expansion of citizenship after the Civil War though with a CHOICE & VOICE PROJECT Choice: Scrapbook, Diary, Journal, Poem, Song, Magazine Article, or a brilliant idea of your own! Voice: Chinese Immigrant, Italian Immigrant, Mexican Immigrant, Jewish Immigrant, Government Official or a brilliant idea of your own!



Clan Leaders 

Peter Andersonpeter.anderson@apsva.us Language Arts

Traci Holland-Shufordtraci.holland@apsva.us  Life Science

Maureen McMorrowmaureen.mcmorrow@apsva.us US Civics, Economics and History

Kipchoge Dowkipchoge.dow@apsva.us  Math

Emily Calhounemily.calhoun@apsva.us Special Education

Cassidy Nolencassidy.nolen@apsva.us Technical Education

Iris Jonesiris.jones@apsva.us HILT A

Jeffrey Lashjeffrey.lash@apsva.us HILT A

Reema Chawlareema.chawla@apsva.us HILT B


Weekly Updates

  • The Dragon team will be collecting a $40.00 activity fee. The funds will cover the purchase of a team t-shirt and several field trips including the Outdoor Lab and the Kennedy Center. Please make checks payable to TJMS.
  • Parent volunteers are always welcome to chaperone any field trips. If you are interested in volunteering please contact Mrs. Holland-Shuford .  All volunteers must undergo a district-mandated background check. 

Counselor’s Corner

As part of Bullying Prevention Month, we are discussing ways to prevent, respond and “upstand” to cyberbullying in classroom meetings. Here are a few tips for home: https://www.stopbullying.gov/cyberbullying/digital-awareness-for-parents/index.html. Please let me know if you have any concerns or need any resources!

If you ever have any questions or concerns, please feel free, as always, to reach me by phone or email: 703-228-8779 or susan.russo@apsva.us.  Here’s to an awesome year!

Susan Russo

7th Grade School Counselor