School Counselor’s Role

Collaborative Programming Offered by Thomas Jefferson School Counselors: 
 As your child’s counselors, we offer various options for supporting their development here at Thomas Jefferson

  • Individual and small group counseling to assist in understanding feelings, concerns and behaviors that are unique to middle school development. Areas of focus may include: peer relationships, peer pressure, teasing, sexual harassment, bulling, internet safety, stress, organizational strategies, conflict resolution, and emotional or academic difficulties
  • Academic and career planning; including course selection, information on graduation requirements, academic and career options, orientation and transitions strategies for middle and high school, and our annual Career Day event
  • Facilitation in parent-team conferences, intervention assistance teams and other collaborative efforts with teachers, parents,  administrators and students
  • Character Education program coordination, including the character trait of the Month Award in alignment with IB Learner Profiles
  • Crisis counseling: intervention strategies and resource referrals
  • Community and Service activities
  • Referrals to outside-based tutoring or counseling services
  • Attendance/Truancy interventions in collaboration with our School Social Worker
  • Substance abuse prevention and intervention plans with our Substance Abuse Counselor


Please see our Consent Form if you would like your child to participate in regular counseling services.