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TJMS Virtual Back-to-School Town Hall 9/22/2020

TJMS Virtual Back-to-School Town Hall!

Thank you to those that were able to join us for the BTSN Town Hall on Tuesday, September 22nd at 7:30 PM!

If you were unable to join us, you can view a recording of the Town Hall at this link!

You can also view the PowerPoint Presentation from the Town Hall here!

We look forward to seeing you! Teacher course videos are available below. 

Math Department

Grade 6

Ms. Allen

Mr. Bee

Mr. Carter

Mr. Samaniego

Ms. Jenks

Math Coach: Ms. Hudson

Grade 7

Ms. Jenks

Ms. Gibson-Williams

Mr. Dow – Grade 7

Mr. Dow – Pre-Algebra

Mr. Somerville – Grade 7

Mr. Somerville – Pre-Algebra

Math Coach: Ms. Hudson

Grade 8

Mr. Busby-Int. Algebra

Mr. Busby-Pre-Algebra

Ms. Kramer

Ms. Rotchford-Algebra I

Ms. Rotchford-Int. Geometry

Ms. Shang

Ms. Williams/Carter-Pre-Algebra

Math Coach: Ms. Hudson

Science Department

Grade 6

Ms. Bannach

Ms. Greene also see EL dept

Ms. K. Miller

Ms. Owen

Ms. Workman

Grade 7

Mr. Golden

Ms. Holland-Schuford

Ms. Leonberger

Ms. Vernier

Grade 8

Ms. Faqih

Ms. Kaster – Science 8

Ms. Kaster – Instructional Studies

Ms. Snell

Ms. Von Elmendorf

World Language Department

Ms. Boyle

Ms. Egbert

Ms. Ferrara

Ms. Gunderson

Ms. Limo

Ms. Majid

Ms. Moran

Ms. Salih

Ms. Wilkinson

Mr. Wintersteen

Arts and Design Department

Mr. Banach

Ms. Gomez 

Ms. Riley

Ms. E. Shepardson

Ms. Tangchittsumran

Mr. Ammon – Comp Sci

Mr. Ammon – Robotics

Mr. J. Anderson- Bus. Tech

Ms. Boda

Mr. Nolen

Grade 6

Mr. Clark

Ms. Broome

Ms. Mann

Ms. McPhillips

Grade 7 & 8

Mr. Clark

Ms. Lanman

Ms. Lopez

Reading Intervention

Ms. Bennett


English Department

Grade 6

Ms. Brown

Ms. Foley

Ms. Palo 

Ms. T. Shepardson

Grade 7

Mr. P. Anderson

Ms. Beyers

Ms. Larson

Ms. Polek

Ms. Washington

Grade 8

Ms. Benante

Ms. Fitzpatrick

Ms. Madhi

Ms. Negrete (also see EL Department)

Ms. Palo

English Learner (EL) Department

Ms. Bogdan

Mr. Clark

Ms. Dunbar

Ms. Greene

Ms. Holloway

Ms. Jenks

Mr. Lash

Ms. Negrete (also see English, Grade 8)

Ms. Washington

Social Studies Department

Grade 6

Ms. Cross

Mr. Gladney

Ms. Holloway

Ms. A. Miller

Mr. Stavrev

Grade 7

Mr. Griffiths

Ms. Holloway

Ms. Hooper

Ms. McMorrow

Dr. Nolan

Grade 8

Mr. Bittner

Ms. Holloway

Ms. Hooper

Ms. Payne

Mr. Sivells

Health & PE Department

Mr. Curran

Mr. Heath

Ms. Patterson

Ms. Pierce

Mr. Rodriguez

Mr. Stith

Social Skills and Support

Ms. Calhoun

Mr. French 

Ms. Neunder

Ms. Waring

Ms. Byron

Counseling and Student Services Team